Ignorant...... wow

  1. Have you ever had an eBay seller so ignorant.. I bid on a bag yesterday.. feedback looks of shrugs..
    then i decided to click on each completed auction.. I found out the bag I bid on she sold 3+ times.. same pictures. SO then I start to worry.( still havent paid for the bag)

    So I send her an email.


    I now see you have reused pic's for this auction.. I would like to see pic's of the actual bag I will be getting. I have no issue paying.. I see you are re using pictures and want to be sure. thank you.

    Holy cow to this morning getting this,

    Has this happened to anyone.. ?
    So now i'm not sure what to do as putting the bag in the authentication thread isnt going to help as we know the pic's arent of the bag i'm getting.

  2. i wonder if the others are in bad condition and she took pics of the one good one
  3. maybe she was having a bad day... hopefully it works out for you
  4. maybe she's had that bag returned over and over??

    get out of the auction if you can
  5. ^^how ?
  6. But... what if she has three of the same exact bag, all in the same exact condition? Why not reuse the photos? I would, as long as the bags were identical and were in the same exact condition of each other.
  7. I agree with Mokoni!

    If I 3 had brand new ,duplicate purses, I would totally use the same pictures.

    But the ? is are these bags brand new..?

    It is fine to use the same pictures, BUT...if one of your buyers is asking you for some new ones (preferably dated) YOU TAKE THOSE PICTURES! lol I mean come on...you just bought what they were selling and you asked nicely for more pics and they get like that...that's just rude...
  8. ^^ that is where I'm at.
    I didnt think it was a big deal to take a pic or two even reply asking what type of pic I wanted. ITs like WOW I will remember to say away from this seller even if the deal works out/ still undecided.
  9. Yah that is lame...and you won't get an unpaid strike even if it doesn't work out. Technically the seller needs to take the pictures of THAT particular item being sold...not of one that was previously sold. So in your defense you can say that the pictures were not of the item you were buying...I think I would still get the purse from her (if it was a good deal) Maybe she'll stop being a bit:choochoo:..... and take the pictures you requested!! Then after that's all over..like you said you can stay away from her.
  10. But shecould give me neg feedback, Yes I understand I can reply to that.. its like what is the big deal. Sure doesnt sound like good business to me thats for sure.

    Deal, I would say its about the same across the board. The color is not in the stores anymore. What I did find on eBay is within dollars of the others and I dont have an outlet here so i'm stuck :sad:
  11. She guar. authenticity?
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  13. Even if she had three of the same bag, I would *still* want to see pictures of the exact bag I am buying, not of one she's already sold. Identical bags or not I find that misleading and it makes me wonder if she's hiding something. As a buyer it would make me feel far more comfortable about the purchase if I had a picture of the very same purse I am purchasing and I wouldn't follow through on the auction without it, better to be safe than sorry. As a seller if she can't understand this she is not someone I would want to do business with. I would also ask how she came to have three of the exact same bag or if the bag had been previously returned - twice.

    However, if she thinks it over and realizes this is not an unreasonable request and sends pics I would feel much better about the deal. Save all emails involved and if she sends new pics make sure you hold on to those too - just in case.

  14. ^^ thank you.
  15. the other two she sold were jan 2 and 3rd.. I dont see feedback yet but perhaps they dont have the item either.