If you order a Speedy from Elux...

  1. If you order a Speedy from Eluxury and you select the gift box option, do they send you a small box that your LV can be folded and put into? Or do they give you the larger box that you can place your bag in without folding it?
  2. my cerises speedy came folded in a small box from elux...!
  3. mine too! :push:

  4. Thank you! :smile:
  5. My damier Speedy 30 came in the big box unfolded...but it wasn't marked as a "gift"
  6. you're very welcome, anytime!!!:heart: :heart: :heart:
  7. The dustbag is so small, so mine came folded in a dustbag and place it in a flat eluxury gift box. But nowadays, elux sends any LV order in LV gift box.
  8. I was wondering the same thing b/c a few years back they sent me an LV in an Elux gift box instead of a LV box.
  9. it's send folded, even if you were to purchase from store, the store fold them too. Just stuff it up and set it near by window to warm the leather, the crease should vanish :') BTW, what speedy did u get form elux?
  10. Speedy come folded and always come in a LV gift box. Unless you specify a eLux gift box.
  11. We'll see once my speedy 35 arrives!
  12. What is the difference between boxes? I've ordered 3 things from eLux and each time requested 'gift box' as I was afraid if I didn't, it wouldn't come in a box. (silly, as it just sits in my closet, but i guess I want every scrap for my dollar!?) What would I have received had I not hit 'gift box'?
  13. i have only heard folded!

  14. I haven't purchased one yet, but there's a good chance I'll be getting an early birthday present in the next couple of weeks... my long-awaited Damier Speedy 30!!! :yahoo:
  15. I ordered a speedy 30 and it came folded in a box.