If red is so hot this season..How come I can't find one?

  1. :shrugs: I don't get it..I've been looking for a red bag and can't find one! I thought was supposed to be so hot this season? No great stores where I live..So I rely heavily on internet sales or I just call stores direct and have things shipped....But I can't find a red bag I like! I'm in love with the new Prada bags...But no red...Gucci & MJ are my favs..No red...At least not on the reputable websites...and I need a pic before I purchase..I check ebay..Not too much I like & of course so many fakes..I want a medium sized bag...I had one & gave it to my sister thinking I wouldn't have any prob finding one b/c red was supposed to be a hot color this fall...Now the holidays are around the corner & I'm w/o my red bag!! ( I love red @ Christmas!!) I like hardware and leather...anyone have any suggestions? I think I've exhausted my browser searching for a designer red bag!! Thanx ladies!! :heart: Emmy
  2. Hey. Jimmy choo came out with a gorgeous red bag this season. My husband surprised me with it for my birthday and I dont stop getting complimens on it. It comes in numerous colors, but the red is to die!!!!! I cant remember the name of it, but it is suede and leather. I think there was only one red bag from Jimmy Choo so it wont be a problem to search it. Hope you like it!!!!
  3. i've been trying to find a red bag too :nuts:! but i just CAN'T find the right one, except maybe the LV Epi Jasmin, but i'm not sure how much i want that :girlsigh:
  4. elimia, you're talking about the mahala bag, and it is gorgeous! I like the Chloe dark red patent betty (just ordered one) though I don't know if that's your style. I also feel like there should be some mjs...not sure though. I saw a few pretty red balenciagas recently too.
  5. ^^ Mahala is a gorgeous bag indeed!!
  6. bobellisshoes.com has a cute red patent Lanvin herioine bag on their website. Smokin hot!
  7. I presume you're not into Paddys (otherwise, you probably would have mentioned it! :biggrin: )?

    But, just in case you are, NAP have a very festive coloured one:

  8. Pinkish..I LOVE the Mahala!! I want that in both black & red!! Can't find the red to purchase on any rep. websites...Only the black....

    Greenie....Checked out the hand bag @ Bob Ellis..You'r e right! It is smokin'!! But..I need a bigger bag than that....

    Chloe...You're intuition is intriguing...Paddie's are not for me...At least at this point in my tastes...They are beautiful....I have yet to add that to my collection..Which no doubt will come in time...Chanel is first...If I could find a red Chanel that suits my needs I'd be a happy girl...I love the flap bag and a tote..Not sure of the exact name....I'm already searching...I def have an addiction!

    Thanx so much for your help!! If you see anything let me know!! :heart: Emmy

  9. No problem! :flowers:

    I feel the same way about the Paddy - I love it on others, but it's not for me.

    I suppose you've tried looking for a red Chanel on eBay?

    When I looked there were 23 of them (although, I'm sure many are fakes, of course!).

  10. ^ I haven't checked yet today but will as part of my obsessed search..Iti s hard to find reputable sites that sell Chanel ...I don't know if I want a Chanel purchased from ebay..maybe new w/ tags and authenticated by michelle on the Chanel forum...Ugh! I want a Ny trip!!
  11. ^ I know what you mean. I don't like risking buying from eBay, either.
  12. :P ^ Thanx!!! I like that bag but I dress up every day so leather is my staple...Great for my weekend wear BUT I tend to kick it up a notch when I dress in the am....I have to leave the house looking good b/c 9 times out of 10 my day will go to hell by noon.....But it's always a little bit easier to deal with if you look good..Agreed everybody?!?!?!? I'm still searching.....:heart: Emmy
  13. The Jimmy Choo Mahala in red is sold out everywhere. My SA at the Jimmy Choo store said it was their hottest bag this season, I was lucky enough to get one earlier. Not sure how 'red' you want your bag, but the Jimmy Choo patent bordeaux and the Chloe red patent are nice, but those colors are more burgandy. There was a thread re: the MJ Blake in Tomato red at a discount price at Saks Off 5th, (I think it was around $500), you might call a few Off 5th's and see if you can find one. I have the MJ Venetia in that color and it's beautiful.
    Good luck with your search, I'm sure the right bag will show up soon.
  14. What about a Balenciaga rouge vif city. You might be lucky and find one in the store. IMO they make the best reds.