If Marc Jacobs Left LV, Would You Continue to Buy/Like LVs?


If Marc Left, Would You Continue to Like/Buy LVs as Much?

  1. Yes

  2. No

  3. Dunno

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  1. This thought was inspired by another thread. Would you? Would your appeal to LV start to diminish if he leaves? Would you look at LV differently if he leaves? I know everybody here will still buy the bags, but would you look at it differently and start losing interest in LVs.

    I think for me the appeal of LV was the creative guy behind it and the hype of him sprucing up the boring image of LV, so I'd say No. :smile: Interesting to see what you guys say.
  2. I don't really like so much Marc Jacobs, I would like to see somebody like Karl L or Tom Ford in charge

  3. :yes::tup:
    I TOTALLY agree!
  4. I dunno. I really depends on how they will go further. If the designs are cool I will buy them.
  5. me too ;)
  6. I don't buy because marc jacobs designed (if I did I'd buy mj bags) them I buy because I like them so if the new bags sucked I wouldn't buy & if they rocked I would no matter who designed it
  7. If he left LV, I'd still continue to buy LV. However to have Karl behind the helm that would be interesting
  8. LV has been around before MJ, to say if MJ is gone and LV will lose her shine because of that is just impossible. LV will always have a place in my heart...
  9. Of course. Louis Vuitton existed long before MJ was even born and hopefully continues to exist even after his passing ;) It's true that he made Louis Vuitton what it is today, but sooner or later another designer will (have to) take over.
  10. I agree, I would love to see Karl.L take over.:yes:
  11. Sure, but only if I like the designs.
  12. Definitely YES. I'm sure there are lots of talented designers out there who can contribute even better products for LV.
  13. KL would never leave Chanel, and look what he did to Fendi.

  14. I couldn't agree more,Marc has had some hits but he's nothing special when it get right down to it.
  15. I agree. I think some of Marc's designs are really good, but a lot of them haven't done anything for me. It would be nice to see what someone else could do to L.V. to bring it to the next level.