If I see ONE more FAKE Cambon Tote ......

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  1. I am going to SCREAM!!!

    Went to a local mall today and there is a Kiosk selling fake everything and apparently every teenage girl within 50 miles now has a fugly Cambon Tote!
    Ooh and "today only" they were 10% off! :yucky:

    Just got back from dinner, a nice upperclass kind of steakhouse, and there were two young girls there with them - one white on black and one black on white.

    I called the local PD before Christmas when I saw them, but they apparently do not care :sad:
  2. I know:sad: seems to be Chanel's most counterfeited product.

  3. yes, that is one reason I wasn' too sad to sell mine ...
    I think every teenage girl around here must have gotten one for Christmas :yucky:
  4. I saw a nasty fake reporter yesterday on a girl who was about 18. It was horrible looking, who knows, she may think it is real.
  5. i've seen them too!! everywhere! went to meet hubby at his new office and some girl got up from her cube and was carrying one. i told him, "who's that, honey? i'm going to have to have a talk with her!" :lol: and i saw one at the mall that the CCs looked like Pac Mans! :cursing:
  6. I see them too, but they always look so fake, it's quite laughable!:yes:
  7. My husband went in a local gas station the other day and they were selling "LV's" and "Chanels.":yucky:
  8. I can barely tell the real one's from the fake one's anymore! The Ligne Cambon collection was the very FIRST high-end anything I ever fell in love with! Chanel was my gateway drug.
  9. I know!! Fakes are so annoying. Makes me want to sell my Cambon..
  10. The ones around here don't even have the CC's on them, it's more like OO - but people still carry them. Why, when your purse screams FAKE?!? Horrible. Makes me feel like my purse is in bad company.
  11. I saw one on my way out of the mall. The Cs were huge! You can tell it was fake from a mile away.
  12. I used to see them more than I do now. But really, I don't care...I bought my Cambons because I like them and I'll still carry them no matter what. :yes:
  13. :wtf: :wtf: :wtf:
  14. Ugh...after this post, I went to Nordstrom and saw a 16 ish girl carrying a icky fake Cambon tote...and her mom had a fake Juicy bag. Funny how I noticed right after reading the post.
  15. roflmao Kristie.....that's a hilarious visual...daughter with fake Chanel, mom with fake Juicy......when will there be a newborn with a fake Hermes diaper bag?!