ID these SHOES, please

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I was wondering if anyone knew the name of these shoes or which season they are from. I appreciate your help!!

    ~Sarah IMG_3792.jpg
  2. saw this photo in a drop down menu on the Outnet - can't seem to figure out what the shoes are. Google image search is being no help at all! does anyone know brand of these shoes? thanks!!

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  3. Hi everyone, hoping someone might recognize these boots that Anja Rubik was wearing in 2013 for Paris FW2014 (whew, I just discovered them)? I'm obsesssssssed with them. Thanks for your help!
  4. Gucci
    Loafer platform
    Not sure of the season
  5. Hi @lonek8 they're Pierre Hardy
  6. Can anybody ID these? I just bought the jeans and want the shoes too! They're all over the Frame denim site.

  7. Can anyone ID these? Thanks! IMG_1542390186.447643.jpg
  8. They're Adidas X Pharrell Williams. SolarHU or something like that, I'm not sure what model exactly....
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  9. Thank you! You’re awesome!!
  10. giuseppe zanottis from fall 2013
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  11. Can someone please ID these awesome shoes!? TIA!

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  12. Hi ladies!

    I’ve falled in love with the below pumps. Looking to know which designer they are? As well as style name if possible. If not, designer would be great. A step in the right direction would be fantastic. Thanks in advance!

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  13. Looks similar to a pvc pair on amazon by olivia and jaymes
  14. Louboutin used to have a similar style but the back is different