ID these SHOES, please

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  1. I love Rupert Sanderson shoes. It’s probable the single most represented brand in my collection. His shoes are super comfy and I am sure you will enjoy them. I have not seen this style before so cat help with the exact name but it’s definitely a variety of daffodils. I seem to remember that he names all his shoes after daffodils
  2. 07B759BE-2625-4E12-976A-BF298B444551.jpeg 64233C77-EBCF-4EF9-8B65-CD775E3CC691.jpeg 64233C77-EBCF-4EF9-8B65-CD775E3CC691.jpeg Anyone know the brand. Gorgeous luxury Italian satin w metal/enamel ornaments. I know I’ve seen this logo in the past but don’t remember who it is. TIA!

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  4. TY so very much!
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  5. Any ID on the brown pumps she wore with the blue dress? Are those Céline?
  6. Anyone know the brand of these shoes? Any help is appreciated. Thanks!!
    820F32EB-830A-4036-BC81-7AA7EE5C0C9F.png 896594FD-3316-44ED-B289-F8BB88FA7946.png
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  8. Thanks for your help!! Now I just need to find a place that has them in stock to purchase.
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  9. Hello - can anyone ID these sandals please? Thank you!! Snakeskin sandals.png
  10. Can someone help me ID these shoes? I don't think they're a premier designer, but I think they're super cute. I would've asked her in person, but I was too shy. :smile: Thanks!!

  11. Any idea about who makes these pumps?

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  12. Hi @Pink Chanel Frosting, I can only find knock-off versions of these shoes, so for what it's worth here's a pic of the knock-off;