***WHO MAKES THESE? ID these SHOES, please***

  1. [​IMG]

    I love these shoes and am trying to hunt them down.

    I looked on eBay and found an auction for jimmy choos that looked just like the one above but they are slightly different here is the auction-


    as you can see they are almost like the ones im looking for
    Can anyone confirm they are jimmy choo and provide me with the name of the shoe??

    TsomuchIA :flowers:
  2. bump...anyone?
  3. Yeah those are definitely Jimmy Choo. The style name escapes my mind at this moment but hopefully I'll remember soon. That style came in the black/gold color combo as well as a green/acqua color and possibly one other color. It's a gorgeous, versatile shoe; I think I've seen it on JLo, amongst other celebs.
  4. I don't know, but I like them :tup:
  5. thanks foxy....if you happen to remember please let me know :yes:
  6. They are Jimmy Choo - the style is Tropez - hope that helps!!
  7. IrisCole are both styles called tropez? :thinking:

    the ones i have seen on eBay are called tropez but they are slightly different from the picture i posted
  8. Yes, they're called Tropez - the ones on eBay seem to be the same shoe as in your OP photo - I think the reason they look different is because they're not on someone's foot, and so the gold bands aren't being stretched as far?? It would seem strange if they made two different shoes that were so similar, but maybe...

  9. no its the same shoe. They look amazing IRL! I almost bought them in the fall at Saks but they didnt have my size :cursing:
  10. ^^^ thats what i was thinking because the shoes im looking for has a black area where it covers her heel and the gold goes across her toes in a striaght line and in the ebay aution i see no area that overs the heel and the gold part that does across the toes seems to be at a angle and no spacing between the gold and black...
  11. WHOOO HOOO i found them...they are by jimmy choos and they are called texas.
    Thanks for you help ladies know im going to try and hunt them down
  12. Good luck, but you will only be able to find them on ebay, they are no longer available in boutiques. The pre-fall collection has many similar styles, but they won't be available in stores until June.
  13. Do anyone know how these shoes run? Do they run true to size or small? TIA!
  14. Choos typically run pretty true to size.
  15. ITA - all mine have been TTS :yes: