Ian Somerhalder & Nikki Reed

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  1. I am so smitten with Ian. He is quite possibly one of the most beautiful men ever. Not only that, but he seems to be a REALLY nice guy. I didn't see a thread dedicated to him, so I needed to start one.

    Please post lots of pics and if anyone can share info, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do!!

    I'll start:

  2. he reminds me of the young Rob Lowe
  3. He's gorgeous. :]
  4. ^Yes...you're right!! The new and improved Rob Lowe .:love:

    He makes me so happy! AND...he loves animals too! He's an animal right activist.


  5. love him in the vampire diaries!!!!
  6. Love him! He's absolutelu gorgeous
  7. He can bite me anytime (lol sorry, but it HAD to be said)
  8. ^lol

  9. Does he have a girlfriend or boyfriend??? Either way, he is too cute...
  10. Of course, you'd be the one to start Ian's thread, girl! :amuse: How friggin cute that he's with that doxie in the first pic (I have one, too!) :biggrin: Love that he's into animal rights! :heart:

    kcf68: He either is or was dating Meghan Auld.



  11. Thank you WIA! You are making me a VERY happy girl today. Just looking at him makes me think think of baskets of fluffy kittens and puppies. Ya know...you just want to roll on the floor with them and let them jump all over you! :tender:I think I understand your passion for Rob now WIA.
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  13. i saw him jogging around my neighborhood once. i recognized him from a show he did years ago called young americans with kate bosworth. he ran past, and i yelped, "that was ian somerhalder!" my so and friend were like, "who?" :lol: i'm glad he's gotten himself a hit show with vampire diaries. he's too beautiful not to be on my television screen.
  14. is he dating his co star nina dobrev????ye i remember him in lost thats when i first noticed him
  15. damn. where has he been my whole life?! :love: