I won't leave home without a ...

  1. Nice article, thanks for sharing, Rose. It looks interesting. Might have to read it again after morning coffee, I'm half braindead still.
  2. Thanks, Rose. I guess this explains why I am such a Francophile. I share a lot of their attitudes. Everything has to be just right with me. Regarding clothes, it is all about fit, fit, fit. If the cut is not right, I don't buy! Most people don't realize the wrong fit can add 10 pounds to your frame. And I am a stickler for tailoring. I sometimes do my own alterations because I am ssssoooo picky about the way the pant leg creases and where the cuff of my shirt hits my wrist. And, ah, yes, the Hermes scarf. Always a must have IMO. There is nothing that can make you more chic than throwing on a scarf.

    Thanks to the French for giving us their cuisine, couture, and, of course, Hermes!!!!!!!
  3. HG, I loved this article. I lived in that area of London for about 15 years and I too am very particular about clothes etc. I have, however, never been brave enough to play with scarves before you girls supported and showed me that this could be done so easily and with such style. I have been blown away with joanna's pics in particular and now rarely leave the house without a scarf (pocket square) tied a la joanna. The additional picures posted by S'mom may now give me enough confidence to try to pull off a 'big girl' scarf!
  4. Great article and lovely posts above!
  5. Good for you Rose, its your turn now to model your scarf collection!! YES YES YES!!:wlae:
  6. Love the article. I am very intersted in fashion as other women see it.
    I think some times in the USA we are off track.

    And when you are a women that takes great care you are criticized.

    In the article she stated she always wears a scarf.
    Does she men attached to her bag?
  7. Loved this article Rose...thanks!
  8. Great article... those are some well put together women! Nice posts aboce Rose and HG
  9. Need a chuckle this morning?? :shame:
    s1.jpg s2.jpg s5.jpg s3.jpg s4.jpg
  10. Rose, you are tres chic!!!
  11. ROSE!!!! You look fantastic! Very, very chic, Rose....very chic!
  12. Rose, You look fantastic! Thanks for the morning read as well!

    LOL...I saw the "will never leave home without a blowdry" and I somehow substituted "blowdryer" in my quick read... I have one set of hair "appliances" with US voltage/plugs and a second set for Europe...I was so tired of not-always-working transformers...
  13. ROSE!!!! Gorgeous scarfs and very chic look!! i love all looks!! :yes:
  14. Nice read and great scarf pics!