I went shopping for shoes but came back with these!

  1. DSC00910.jpg DSC00912.jpg DSC00914.jpg DSC00922.jpg
  2. My dog finally debuted his dior shirt ( bought for him from dior outlet for $60 only in the baby dior collection 1 yr ago) on my new shawl that I got today.

    I am so happy :heart: here's list of damages: Tiffany bookmark, Gucci heart cellphone lanyard, dior seahorse lanyard, dior shawl and lovely necklace!!

    luckily i am only on a purse ban
    DSC00939.jpg DSC00944.jpg DSC00949.jpg DSC00918.jpg
  3. very cute! i love the necklace. what is the item with the dior butterfly on them? cell phone charms? :smile:
  4. yup, those are older ones I picked up last year
  5. Great purchases! I especially love your necklace. And your doggie looks so adorable!
  6. *~*~ long necklace *~*~

    jeslyn> What's the name of this necklace? I just love it. May I ask it's price?

    I need to get one. Which store did you get it from? I didn't see it yesterday when I went shopping.
  7. It should be called simply coll lg cryst D22357 ?that's the stuff on the tag. It's 295 USD and I got it from dior in SF.

    I love it too. :heart::yahoo::heart:
  8. great purchase! n ur dog is so adorable.. :love:
  9. wonderful buys jeslyn! and the long blingy necklace is just fantastic! oooh your dog in dior is absolutely cute. and of course, modelling shots!!! :whistle: nat's shown us of her in her drool-worthy s&m heels, now it's your turn. ;)
  10. Thanks Jeslyn. It's stunning. :yahoo:
    Thanks for providing the detailed information. I really appreciate your help.;)

    I might need to call your SF store to see if they'd ship me one. Can you describe to me the three chains on the necklace? I think one strand is Swarovski crystals right? The other two strands are metal beads??
  11. LOL

    Successful shopping trip then! Congrats on the new trinkets!
  12. i luv the necklace too!
  13. i love your new goodies but why didnt u get the shoes !!!???:confused1::crybaby:
  14. very nice "haul". I really like your cellphone charms! And, your doggie is just adorable in his little baby-shirt!! :smile:
  15. So cute!! Love the 'doggie' shirt the most