I was charged $75US for postage..is that too much?

Sep 7, 2006
you should only be responsible to pay the amount they quoted you. with that said, the prices went way up to post internationally. USPS got rid of International Express Mail (EMS) and now have in place something called Global Express which is ridiculously expensive. Just this past wknd, I had to post a bag that I sold on ebay and I agreed with the buyer that I would pay for the shipping. Well, it came out to be $215 for shipping to australia and mind you, the bag was chanel and was not heavy at all. So I opted to ship it via DHL instead which costs about $130, which is expensive but not as much as USPS prices. :tdown:

eeek $215 for USPS?? :wtf::wtf::wtf: r they mad?
Apr 8, 2006
London, UK
well doesnt that include taxes,duties,postage,insurance and handling? and if you buy from ebay, most likely they use USPS, but the boutiques use either fedex or UPS which is trackable. I think there is always some sort of premium one has to pay if ordering something from outside of there own country. KWIM? but, if you agreed to $50, then talk to them...
she doesn't have to pay for state taxes as she's from australia. usps has a trackng system also.


Apr 21, 2007
Update..not only did i get my earrings but i have since received a $25 refund to my credit card for the overcharge...so a happy ending. Thx everyone.