I was charged $75US for postage..is that too much?

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  1. Hi ladies

    I live in Australia and ordered some chanel earrings from a boutique in NY. I was quoted $50 for postage which i agreed too. Now $75 US has been charged to my credit card. Is that too much for a tiny box that fits a pair of studs or is that standard shipping in the US for o/s? Am also angry that what i agreed to was not what was charged. I phoned the boutique and the SA couldnt remember quoting me $50. Wouldnt she have had some paper work? I really hope i end up getting them. Can i make a claim to my credit card co. if they dont arrive? I was so excited about locating the earrings and now its turned into a big drama..

    Thanks in advance
  2. :wtf: I belived it is way too expensvie, my postage for Jimmy Choo Boot is USD$45 and my Chanel Cabas USD$60 (include insurance) both using International Express Mail with tracking number, is there anyway you can claim the postage black?
  3. If you only agreed to $50 that's I would pay. I would speak to the manager and get the $25 credit.
  4. I must say boutiques will mark up postage by alot Not sure why I had my Louboutins shipped to me at 110 USD...on ebay they will ship the same pair of shoes for about 45USD I livei n australia
  5. It's flat rate of $25 within the US... I think $75 sounds way too high, even if you do live in AU.
  6. considering that you agreed to only$50, you should ask the Chanel manager to hold his end of the deal now as well and refund you $25
  7. well doesnt that include taxes,duties,postage,insurance and handling? and if you buy from ebay, most likely they use USPS, but the boutiques use either fedex or UPS which is trackable. I think there is always some sort of premium one has to pay if ordering something from outside of there own country. KWIM? but, if you agreed to $50, then talk to them...
  8. wow 75 is wayyyy too much
  9. you should only be responsible to pay the amount they quoted you. with that said, the prices went way up to post internationally. USPS got rid of International Express Mail (EMS) and now have in place something called Global Express which is ridiculously expensive. Just this past wknd, I had to post a bag that I sold on ebay and I agreed with the buyer that I would pay for the shipping. Well, it came out to be $215 for shipping to australia and mind you, the bag was chanel and was not heavy at all. So I opted to ship it via DHL instead which costs about $130, which is expensive but not as much as USPS prices. :tdown:
  10. $75 is way to much for only a pair of earrings!
    If it was a handbag, that would be okay but with that tiny box...
  11. My SA at Saks NY told me international shipping cost $50.
  12. If you go to the US postal service website, you could probably figure out how much it would cost to send them to Australia. You just fill in the blanks, and a price will pop up. You will need approximate size of the box (I assume they will put the earrings in an earring box, but then wrap them again and put them in a "norma"l size box which wouldn't get lost like a small box could), weight, and how much they would be insured for. Any import duties etc would be "extra" and charged once it got to Australia.
    That will at least give you an idea of what it actually cost them to send it.
  13. nordstrom's charges $40 to send a bag internationally so your SA definitely overcharged you!
  14. Well i actually received the earrings today..so feeling much better.....yeah!!! Am more annoyed that i agreed to $50 and was charged $75 and then told by the SA that she couldnt remember saying $50. She said she would refund the difference but heres hoping she remembers to do that..i dont want to keep phoning her. Thx
  15. Wow.....such big price differences..maybe dept stores have a volume saving shipping method and hence its alot cheaper..??

    That said 215 to ship to australia is Ridiculous!!