I was bored... So I designed my own Speedy!

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  1. I was bored so I designed my own Speedy. Here she is! Sorry the PS is rough... I didn't have very much time.

    It features black leather and silver hardware, as well as black and charcoal monogram canvas. The leather also has beautiful grey contrast varnishing.
  2. Nice!!!!!! Love the black on charcoal!!!!!!! 😍
  3. Oh my. I LOVE this!!!
  4. There actually was a 'Speedy' like that being made by the French Luggage Company as kind of a throwback from the partnership with LV. Once the deal lapsed the FLC could no longer use the mono canvas but continued to make their version of the Speedy in black.
  5. Mono Macassar rendering coming up next!
  6. I like it!!!
  7. Here she is! Again, I'm terribly sorry for the rough-ness of it if that makes sense. I did these pretty quickly in Photoshop.
  8. My dream speedy...
  9. Awesome!! I'd purchase both of these beauties!
  10. Thank you!!!
  11. Thanks! I would buy these both if they were real
  12. Thank you!!! :heart:
  13. Me too!!!
  14. New creative assistant designer award goes too ... LVMK! Lol. Love both designs esp the very creative black with grey ....
  15. Haha! Thank you!