I was able to try on larger size but not sure still

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  1. 1DE895E7-EB67-48E5-B4DB-18A5CC3E197C.jpeg 8CE69C66-B84C-4C5D-8DEE-96CF4CE84543.jpeg 058DE591-6766-42D9-B87F-8D5A012A00CB.jpeg CE63671F-24A8-44E4-ADBD-1EF73311D5D8.jpeg Hi everyone! Thank you to everyone who replied to my first post about sizing.
    I was able to go back to Cartier and try on the 17 some more.
    My wrist is around 6” or a teeny under and I’ve been stuck between size 16 and 17. 16 seems a little tight or I’m just not use to the fit. 17 feels kinda too loose.
    I really wish they made a 16.5.
    I’m not sure which to go with, because I will be losing 20-lbs this summer even though I don’t have weight on my arms/wrists.

    The first set of photos are the 16, and the second post is the 17.

    Any opinions?
    I tried stacking 2 and it drives me a little nuts how the 17s jingle but I don’t know if the 16s stacked would get even tighter.
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    D76772E4-F43E-4D8F-B9FB-110964812054.jpeg 51864EFD-78DD-494A-B90C-B93157AE50A2.jpeg 363C886F-4C99-4FF0-9F1D-FB8419E4BB37.jpeg 75A1BCAD-57A9-4A4D-809A-D80D4F3FEF5C.jpeg 363C886F-4C99-4FF0-9F1D-FB8419E4BB37.jpeg 75A1BCAD-57A9-4A4D-809A-D80D4F3FEF5C.jpeg 51864EFD-78DD-494A-B90C-B93157AE50A2.jpeg
  3. I would go with the larger size especially if you plan to stack other bracelets with it. My loves are a size 16 and I always thought that the 15 would be perfect ( this was before they were a permanent release). Fast worward, I have a bangle from another jewellery house that is more or less the same size as a 15, and I would never think to stack another bangle with it as it would feel really constricting. Hope this helps. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  4. You need some play in the bracelet. I think the 17 is the better fit and I don't think you'll be comfortable in the 16. If it bothers you now, it will only get worse.
    Did the Cartier SA have an opinion-they have a lot of experience with this. What were their thoughts?
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  5. Love your gorgeous PAVE LOVE BRACELET!!! On my wish list!
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  6. Thank you so much for the photos!
    It did help a lot. May I ask how big your wrist is and how many inches your loves fall from your wrist bone?

    Also, I’m in love with your pave, it looks beautiful on you!
  7. Thank you [emoji253]
  8. My wrist is 14.5 cms. This is how far they fall[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  9. The SA thought 17 was too big and wasn’t a proper fit. They originally said I would get use to the tight 16 size.
    The first time I went in they wouldn’t let me try the 17 on for more than a second. As soon as it was on my wrist it was taken off because the SA said it wasn’t the proper fit and it was too large.
    The 16 did feel a bit tight, and I would be fine with it stayed that way during the summer but I don’t think I can stand it getting any tighter when the weather warms up.
    My only chance would be that my weight loss might help out a little.

    With the 17, it can flip and rotate across my wrist easily. And I can fit at least 2 fingers in the gap between the end of my wrist and bracelet
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  10. Thank you again for all the photos! That gives me some perspective. Do you normally stack 3? Have you gotten use to the clinking and them going up and down your arm? It looks like my 17 would sit right where your 16s do.

    It’s so hard with an expensive purchase like this when you’re uncertain about something. I just don’t want to regret my size later down the road.
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    I completely understand your doubts since this is an expensive purchase and you want to make the perfect choice!

    In my opinion, it depends a lot on your lifestyle. I'm a little bit clumsy and I always tend to break things.... Sometimes when I'm walking in my apartment, my very delicate tiffany's bracelets get stuck in the doorhandles! :angel: I didn't want the same thing to happen with my JUC or LOVE, so when I bought my first love, for me downsizing was the solution. Also, I go to the gym everyday. When I'm training, I don't want my love bracelet to go up and down all the time, it would be annoying, so again downsizing was the solution. Again, when I'm working and I'm typing on a keyboard I feel comfortable with my love real tight on my wrist, I don't want to feel my love bracelet going back and forth against the keyboard, I wouldn't be comfortable. You should also consider this kind of things.
    You should also consider if you are living in a cold or warm place. Is it cold were you are right know?

    In my opinion, you should follow the SA suggestion and go with the 16, especially if as you said you will loose weight. I think 17 is too loose on your wrists.
    That being said, please consider my love is size 16 and fits a little bit looser then yours (if you need I can send you a picture), so maybe my experience is not the same you will have.

    Ps. Sorry for my poor English, I'm not a native speaker..
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  12. Thank you for you message! Your English sounds perfect to me!
    My first Language also wasn’t English :smile:

    I did try to consider all those things. I also work out very often and work in construction part time. My solution to that is wearing a sweat wrist band to protected the bracelet from damage and scratches.
    I’m on the east coast, so it’s cold right now.
    I’d love to see a photo of yours if you have one handy! :smile:
  13. Also, is your JUC a 15? Do you ever stack and do they feel tighter together?
    That’s my other worry. That when I get a couple more bracelets to stack, it will be too tight. Id like a thin JUC and maybe a think love to pair with my classic.
  14. That's how mine fit . . . I could get two if not three fingers in the gap. However, they were a size 16 and that was the smallest. They were loose and I could literally turn them around and slide one over the other (I had three). It was fine and they were very comfortable. I think I would have felt imprisoned had they fit tighter . . .
    VCA size small and Hermes SH conforms to the size 16. Do you have anything in either of those two that might serve as an example before you decide to buy?
  15. Here's a photo of mine: the JUC is size 15, the Love bracelets are all size 16. The VCA is a SM. They stack perfectly.
    The 15 in the JUC is sized like the 16 in the Love

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