I was able to try on larger size but not sure still

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  1. I love your stack! They look so good with the VCA.
    Unfortunately this would be my first major jewelry piece so nothing to compare to.
    I think I’m going in tomorrow to make my decision. It’s so tough because I won’t be able to return or exchange since I’m getting a white gold love and they’re rhodium plating it as a special request.
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  2. I normally wear the 3 plus a watch, except for when I go to the gym - only keep the 2 plain ones on. They all can rotate by themselves and I don’t really notice the clanking. With my other bangle (fits like size 15) it can’t rotate and sometimes gets stuck going over my wrist bone. I hope this helps [emoji253]
  3. Thank you! Yes hopefully I can go in today and see what fits best.
  4. Good luck. It really comes down to how it feels on you. [emoji253]
  5. Hi! You and I have basically exactly the same size wrist. The 17 looks perfect on you. It looks like it fits a bit more snug than my 17s fit on me.

    I struggled with this decision too, as 16.5 really would be perfect. But in the end I’m soooo glad that i went with the 17. I have gotten use to the movement and they really only move up and down my wrist by about 2.5 inches.

    Another thing to think about is why not wait until you lose the weight and then buy the bracelet as a kind of reward/commemoration. It’s really really hard to figure out now how your bracelet will fit then.

    Also, not something you want to maybe think about, but if you are anything like me, you may gain some weight or lose some weight in the future... hello hormones! But I’ve gained about 5-7 lbs somewhat recently and I am soooo glad i sized Up. Now I plan to lose those lbs.. but it may take awhile because my hormones are out of whack. But in the meantime I’m glad i sized Up!

    Let us know how it goes!

  6. 17. I’m confused about the weight thing. Unless gaining or loosing lots of weight (outside of preganancy), that weight comes or goes different places, it’s where you have fat cells mainly.

    Good luck. I’m nearly a month in (17 in on a 15.2cm wrist) and I’m pleased. Was unsure at first, but don’t want bangle look as bandgles do get knocked around. My love so far doesn’t. Put on my non-dominant arm.
  7. My wrist is 15.2 as well.
    How far down does your bracelet go?
    See, to me the 17 does feel like bangle. That’s why I’m iffy on it.
    As for weight, I’m planning on losing a big chunk of weight this spring/summer that’s why I’m worried the 17 will become even worse.
  8. I’m not sure this will help, but my wrist measures 14.5cm at the wrist bone. I’ve been wearing a size 17 cuff for a little over two years and have recently purchased a size 16 bangle (which is exactly the same size). The cuff has always been comfortable but definitely feels tighter in warm weather, at night etc. The bracelet although the same measurements somehow feels more snug when I’m warm, possibly because there isn’t the gap at the back. I definitely wouldn’t want to go smaller though and I really like the more fitted look.
    Please bear in mind that in the summer your wrist may well swell a bit and weight can fluctuate so personally I would go for the size that feels comfortable now, not one that may fit better in the future.
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  9. Goes about 2-2.5 (eyeballing) down my wrist. It’s comfortable. It doesn’t turn around unless I force it. The 16 I am sure would be tight or too close all the time. I have bangles and this fits slight different due to not being round, but oval in shape. I have an issue with bangles usually because my hands are small as well.
  10. Thank you to everyone who tried helping me out with sizing and giving me advice!
    I really appreciate it.

    I went to Cartier today and tried on both sizes again, and I left with nothing.
    Even though I don’t want to, I’m going to wait until I at least lose 10-15lbs first.
    The 16 is almost too tight and the 17 is a tad too loose. I need to see where my wrist will be with the weight loss. If it stays the same, I will probably get the 17.
  11. I think that’s wise especially since you just aren’t sure. It’s a big purchase and I totally understand you not wanting to make the wrong choice.
    I’ve found with mine, that when my weight fluctuates my wrists do change slightly - I know I feel them more if i have put on weight, or if my wrists swell which they do sometimes when I work out. I think by the time you’ve lost the weight you want then you will know for sure which you prefer fit wise. It can be your motivator to stick to it and lose it as quick as you can to get your bracelet then good luck!! X
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  12. Thank you! I hate waiting so I hope I lose it fast! I’m starting my diet and new work out plan tomorrow.
    I’m going to have to keep an eye on price increases, but as long as that doesn’t happen I don’t mind waiting a couple of months.
    I might even save up for the 4 diamond version :smile:
  13. Good luck! Look forward to seeing your reveal in the coming months [emoji253]
  14. Thanks! I’ll still be keeping you guys company in the meantime! Even though I’m Cartier-less :sad:
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