I want LV Denim!!

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  1. Okay guys, before tpf I was never really into the denim line, but now it's completely taken over me and I MUST have one! The problem is that I can't decide what color or model to get. Decisions... decisions...

    I am leaning towards the lichen green, although the regular blue would be the easiest to wear in terms of matching.

    The styles that I would consider are the speedy, baggy GM, and pleaty. I don't have a preference as to the functionality of the purse, I just want a piece from this line just for the sake of having one. I guess what I get depends mostly on availability, I don't know if this style can be found in boutiques anymore. SO WHICH IS YOUR FAVORITE COMBINATION AND WHY?

    Would you wear the denim line during winter? It is definitely a spring/summer look which is why I may forgo the whole idea until later but i've caught the denim bug! Grrrrrr.... please help me!
  2. I went into the LV in Edinburgh recently and was told by 3 different SAs that the green and fuschia were only meant to be for the summer, so they only had the regular blue. This didn't seem right to me. Does anyone know? :shrugs:

    However, I just love the fuschia Neo Speedy! So that's definitely my favorite. :love:
  3. i have the blue Neo-Speedy, and i find that one of the easiest bags to carry. the blue would be the most practical color, because denim is blue anyway, and God fordbid we can't match that with anything :lol:. the Neo-Speedy is also very lightweight, and i like the classic Speedy/modern fabric combination :P
  4. i have the mini pleaty in blue. but i would also love to have a neo speedy or the baggy gm. i agree with yeuxhonnetes, i would go for the color blue for the same reasons. but i have to admit that the fuchsia denim bags looks really great :smile:
  5. I have the blue Baggy PM and I adore it!
  6. Do you ever have issues matching the blue denim bag to the blue denim of your jeans? Haha maybe it's just me, but my mom always taught me to never wear different shades of denim together (brings back memories of wearing jeans with jean jackets in elementary school a la Blossom:girlsigh:)
  7. The pink and the green are 'one shot', as LV calls it, which means they produce a certain number and when they are sold out, that's it. But there are still some available.
  8. Oh, okay. Thanks!
  9. I have the Blue Baggy Gm and *LOVE* it.. :love:

    I'll use it this winter,next spring,next summer. If I love something,I will use it anytime of year. I couldn't just use in during certain seasons and have to wait to use it!!
  10. I have the fuchisa mini pleaty which is really cute for summer...

    I've also been drooling over the speedy as well... I'd recommend the speedy!
  11. I never wear jeans that are remotely close to the same shade - usually very dark denim.
  12. I have the blue neo-speedy and love it! I intend to wear it this winter. I wear jeans all year long so why not the denim purse?
  13. I have a green baggy PM, it is seriously my :love: all time favorite bag! I love that bag so much, but I am not using it much now because of the weather and rain. I think I would love one in blue too. I was worried about blue w/ blue jeans, but I think it would be okay in most cases.
  14. i agree that it's easier to match if you get the blue denim... but i really like the fuchsia also. i'm looking to get something from the denim line in that color next.
  15. I'm the only one to mention the baggy pleaty, but my niece has one and she adores it. It doesn't look that big, but it holds a lot and looks so darn cute. I'm a real fan of the LV denim styles.