I wanna see your Dior nail polish swatches!

  1. I am late for posting, although I saw the pictures of the Spring collection yesterday. I am not a light pink-nail polish person but oh dear! All those three together look fantastic. As always, swatches first!
  2. I caved I and purchased 2 of the 4 grand bal collection. Getting the other two soon. It just suddenly grew on me
  3. I got 3 of the Grand Bal... Diva has sold out already so I wasn't able to get it :sad:
  4. Managed to pick up Tuxedo in the Debenhams sale which is cool as I thought it was sold out everywhere. Think I'll put it on tonight :graucho:
  5. I love this! I am so mad that it was never released in the U.S.
  6. To anyone who has the 4 new Nude collection polishes....do they have grey undertones at all?
  7. I have everything but Charnelle, too pale for me, I don't see any gray undertones at all.
  8. Wow! You're right! I'm surprised it sold out so quickly! Don't they make enough ever?! I never got Lagoon b/c I never saw it anywhere!
  9. Yeaaah, I'm so not sure what happened, I'm buying Dior nail polish with no remorse. I bought a Chanel once, and I angsted about it for three days straight because of how expensive it was. However, I've bought five Diors these past two weeks and I've yet to feel any kind of remorse. The only angst I have is not finding the Croisette collection anywhere (aka, not being able to buy more). Weird.

    I bought Apparat. It's lighter in the nails than in the bottle. Still, it's very beautiful and I'm not sorry at all I've bought it. Would the Rock Coat make it darker without destroying the look? Is anyone familiar with how the Rock Coats works with layering shimmer polishes? Does it cut the effect in some way?

    I also bought the Garden Party duo. So, so pretty, though I could do without the smell. Waterlily is like the perfect non-standard spring shade (the standard would be pink I guess). Forget Me Not has a strange name, as the flower is blue (Waterlily is not as strange, because the leaves of the plant are green after all). I'm not a purple person, but I love the colour and while pastels do make me think of spring, I look at the it and I can't help but think of figs so I'm always associating the colour with fall, though the collection was for spring. Is that weird? Has anyone have colours that they like for the contrary season they're launched at?

    As a final question, is anyone aware why Dior is asking for some of their polishes back? I see all kinds of old Dior polishes in stores, even those which are not part of the collection (the one listed at their website) and known as special editions, however some of the collections they ask back. It's why I can't find Croisette anywhere, or so the Dior lady told me. I know for a fact Chanel doesn't do it. I still see most of the collections that came here, still exist even if it's in small numbers.
  10. I don't know this for sure if they send some back or not but both Bikini and Saint Tropez are still available in some stores. At least here in Europe.
  11. Super lucky! St. Tropez is my HG but I've never found it here in the U.S
  12. If you want I can swatch apparat with rock coat on it if you want. I can swatch whatever polishes you want with rock coat actually! haha! let me know if you just want apparat or other ones as well and i will get on it!
  13. Wearing 453 rose vamp/flapper pink. 3 coats yet still see some streaking, bugs me lol.

  14. Managed to pick up Liquorice on eBay for £9 + £3 shipping......:faint: I think people must not have paid attention to the listing as it was only titled with the number of the polish, not the name. So happy! I thought I'd never get it.
  15. That's a great deal! I am running off to check eBay now ... :biggrin: