I think I'm finished for now

  1. Unless I find a reasonably priced yellow or orange city, twiggy or day, I think I'm finished for now. Here is what I have in my collection:

    Pistachio Twiggy
    Bordeaux Twiggy
    Anis Twiggy
    Khaki Twiggy
    Rose 04 Twiggy
    Eggplant Twiggy
    Turquoise 05 Twiggy
    Bronze City
    Gray Shrug
    White GH Day
    And a Magenta Day on the way!
    And a French Blue Giant Hobo on order!

    Anyone else done or nearly so?
  2. That's an awesome collection- do you have a group shot?
    I'm certainly never done but my bank account is...so technically yes, I'm done:lol:
  3. Ronda!!!! What an amazing collection... waiting for pics :whistle: I know you've thought carefully about each of your aquisitions so that is one very tasteful and lovely collection. Congrats on a feeling of contentment!
  4. i think i am. i just want a pewter city or bronze city and i think that's it for me. also maybe just one bag in the brief style....
  5. What's a few more bags? ;)
  6. I will do a family photo as soon as my magenta day arrives. It was mailed from Great Britain on the 22nd, so I'm waiting, and waiting, and waiting.
  7. Yes rondafaye, we definetly need pictures because that collection sounds astounding! I also can understand the feeling that you're done... you have many amazing pieces.
  8. Ah, a fellow Twiggy lover!

    I, too am finished for now, unless I find a black Twiggy with pewter hardware. That doesn't mean I won't buy a bag this fall (I probably will -- I think I'd like a MidA), it just means I don't feel driven to acquire more.

    Here's my collection (and I'm going to post a group photo later this week -- my first photo posting!):

    05 Olive Day
    06 Rouille Twiggy
    06 Greige First
    06 Marron First (my first bag!)
    06 Ink Oval Clutch
    07 Anthracite City

    Each bag is different, and so special to me. I love chosing my "style of the evening" and dressing around the bag. :smile:

    I am truly blessed!
  9. I'm never DONE :p but here is what I have so far:

    06 Black City
    06 White City
    06 Rouge Vif City
    06 Blueberry City
    06 Greige First

    looking for a Brown bbag right now - hopefully 05 Chocolate! :yahoo: otherwise, maybe Cafe or Truffle??

    and going to list the Rouge Vif on eBay this weekend :sad:

    after that, back to Chanel :shame:
  10. I'm not dedicated to a single brand, so I'm never done =) I like having pieces from different brands.
  11. i'm done after i get a day or twiggy in anthracite! i'm also thinking about the aquamarine though...hope to check out these colors IRL soon!
  12. What a great collection of colors! I can't wait to see your group shot.

    I'm not sure that I'll ever be able to say that I'm done building my collection. Up until about a week ago I had about 12 bags on my want list. I think I have it narrowed down...then someone on this forum posts another beautiful picture of their own bags and all of a sudden I want them too! :graucho: I need to learn how to focus! :nuts:
  13. Wow! Sounds like an awesome collection Ronda!
  14. congrats highgloss I hope you do find your twiggy:yes:
  15. I am almost done too, having just got my last HG recently. I am sort of looking for a sky blue mini Twiggy (larger size) and an 05 caramel City, but they are not really HG's, in the sense that I would consider them only if they are reasonably priced.