I shouldnt have but......I DID!!!

  1. This "was" my Christmas present to me from me:angel:. Well.........Fed X dropped it off today and I totally colapsed under the pressure:sweatdrop:! There is NOOOO way I can wait til' Christmas to open up and use this baby:nogood:! So here she is......My Green and zebra Large Carryall!!:yahoo:
    Ebay Pics 612.jpg Ebay Pics 607.jpg Ebay Pics 608.jpg Ebay Pics 610.jpg Ebay Pics 609.jpg
  2. I love that Kimmie! Very festive, I have a soft spot for green for some reason! :biggrin:
  3. A couple more;)
    Ebay Pics 611.jpg Ebay Pics 613.jpg
  4. Love it.!!...(and love Masai the Model) hehe
  5. WOW! congrats on picking out such a pretty bag!
  6. OMG I love it!!! :yahoo: Congrats!!!!

  7. Heya' sexy mama! Thank ya! Its the wild side of me lol!!:graucho:
  8. Oh Kimmie it is absolutely perfect for you! And your doggie! hehehe

    If it came in pink it would already be bought by me! I love how it comes with a little twilly :smile:
  9. That is such a pretty bag! Congrats!!
  10. I absolutely love it!
  11. That's a super cute bag! Enjoy it.
  12. Girl!! Whip out that wallet, it comes in PINK too!!:nuts:
  13. Oh honey!!! That is such a great bag!!!!!!

    Congrats to you!!!!
  14. ZOMG WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?

    why can't I ever make the drilldown work???? Where can I find pics??? I am gonna faint from the excitement LOL :girlsigh:
  15. Cute - congrats on your new bag!! I love your model!!