I saved over $1000.00 yesterday!!!

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  1. Well, as far as yesterday's trip downtown, I saved over $1000.00. I had the intention of buying a Balenciaga bag but I was just NOT loving the colour selection there was. I have to keep telling myself not to buy the bag of that price until I am 110% sure I will love it.

    Instead as I am strolling to all the high end designer boutiques for purse, my children got hungry so my husband sat them down for a bite to eat while I wonder into Winners (canadian version of TJ MAXX). What do you know. I found a Paolo Masi bag for 199.99, fell in love with the style and colour immediately. Wow, what a bargain compare to Balenciaga, LV or Gucci. I am now telling my self to cut down on the high end bags. I love this bag just as much or not even more.
  2. Fantastic, Fantastic! As long as you love the bag, that's all that matters. I've purchased many bags for $300 that I love just as much as higher-end bags.

    I had to laugh at your post, though! I'm always telling my husband that I savied money on this or that. He always says: "You didn't save $1000, you spent 200."

    He's the Grinch in disguise.
  3. We all most have the same husbands, mine always says how much did you save me now??

    Great find on the bag!
  4. :feminist: :lol:
  5. That's so funny:nuts:
  6. That is hilarious !!!!
  7. Post a picture. I'd love to see this bag!!
  8. Hahahahaha, that's so typical! :P

    *high five!* on your great bag find!

  9. Luckily my husband isn't too bad on my bag addiction. He says since I don't smoke nor drink, I should enjoy myself. Hey, it is also healthier than smoking or drinking right. I will try to post some pics as soon as I can.
  10. wow. post a pic!
  11. Congratulations! Nothing better than finding a great bag...especially at such a great deal!
  12. Please post a picture, I am curious to see what a Paolo Masi looks like and congrats for the saving !!!!!
  13. hahaha my SO says that too! ugh men!
  14. Lol mine too sometimes - his favorite comments when I tell him what a good deal a bag is: "I know how you can get it for free-99." or "But you can get 100% off if you put it back."


    Congrats on your find, fantastic! Post pics if you get a chance!
  15. Classic! "100% off if you put it back"...lol, you made me laughed out in the office!