I returned my Ergo hobo

  1. I was so excited to get the new Ergo bag but when I got it home I was a little disappointed. I don't care for the way that it fits under my arm and it is a little stiff. I know that this bag is brand new and it will loosen up with use but I am just very disappointed. Does anyone else feel the way or am I crazy?
    Picture 270.jpg
  2. i'm returning my scarf print one, as well...i agree it's just sorta awkward.
  3. I am glad to see that I am not the only one. I even took it to my office to get other opinions and they felt the same way.
  4. I tried the Ergo on in the store and it felt uncomfortable to me. If you didn't love it I'm glad you returned it :smile:
  5. I tried to love the Ergo's. I do like the look - just not the feel, the hang- just doesn't feel right. I do like the leather slightly more than the signature pieces, and the totes more than the hobos. If you are not thrilled - send her back.
  6. I think I'm going to do the same with my sig hobo.
    The stiffness I believe will wear off, but it just isn't sitting right with me.
  7. I had my mind set up on the tote but when I tried it I did not like the way it felt. So I went with the hobo. I may wait and get the Carly instead.
  8. I'm the same! I was thrilled that our Macy's had them but when I tried them on, I didn't like the way they fit me. Saved me money! LOL!
  9. we have gotten used to the slouchiness and the broken-inness of the legacy line!!! conformists!!! lol:woohoo:
  10. i like the tote better than the hobo, for sure. but i LOVE my carly- i think you would like it, too. have you tried the carly?
  11. wow- i'm actually kinda shocked there are so many of us who don't like the hobo...or bought it and are going to return it!
  12. ITA! My ergo is super stiff. It's a total catch-22. I definitely don't want to keep it if it's going to be that way forever. But on the other hand, it might slouch if it gets used more. But I'm afraid to use it because then I won't get to take it back if it never loosens up. :confused1:
  13. I had bought it too and returned it the second after tried it on! and that was during the PCE
  14. mine isn't stiff (it's the scarf print), but it just looks weird on. if i want a hobo, i really prefer the soho ones.
  15. i had gotten the scarf print too.. looks way better on the website and the fabric looks sooo easy to stain!