I received my LV wallet today YAY!!!

  1. It came today and I was so excited to receive it.I think its called Porte monnaie tresor :shame:I bought it from eBay for $210 inc priority shipping to UK.Its the perfect size and holds loads of coins and theres plenty of room for cards/notes ,etc :love:
    Anyway heres some pics of my small but growing collection.They are all gently used but authentic.I can't really afford new but hey I'm not too proud to carry a gently used LV as I love the patina on them anyway and better this than none at all :wlae:The group pics are one with and one without flash.
    rsz_lv01resized.jpg rsz_lv02resized.jpg rsz_louis porte.jpg
  2. Congrats on the new wallet, I love it!! And your collection is fabulous!
  3. great collection! I own a new and pre-owned pieces, nothing wrong with that, STILL LV. Congrats!!! sounds like you got an awesome deal!!
  4. :tup: thanks,next on my list is a speedy 25.I had one last year and sold it but regretted it as soon as I posted it :crybaby:
  5. Congrats on your goodies!
    Hope you get that Speedy soon!
  6. Oops how could I forget my little mono cles:shame: shes well used
  7. Congrats, love the whole collection!
  8. Wonderful even patina on this
    just beautiful - I hope my pieces end up looking as lovely.

  9. Congrats!! Great collection!
  10. that is a mighty nice wallet you got ur hands on!
  11. Enjoy your beautiful wallet!
  12. Congrats on your new wallet! I love your collection.
  13. Beautiful collection and WONDERFUL philosophy!!:tup:
  14. congrats!! the wallet is VERY cute!
  15. nice collection ... congrats!