I OFFICIALLY HATE Fedex 2 day air!!!

  1. The only thing to look forward to this week was getting my Vanilla Epi Speedy in the mail and getting a tattoo. Well, my bag was supposed to come today and my brother stayed home all day so he can help me sign for it and while I'm at work, I kept refreshing the tracking # JUST TO SEE THAT IT SAID NO ONE WAS HOME DURING DELIVERY!!!! :wtf: That is such complete bull because my brother was home the WHOLE day and no one rang the bell! :push: (My dog goes nuts when someone rings the bell and there's no way he would've missed it.)

    SOOO... they are going to deliver it tomorrow and no one is going to be home. I'm so mad.:push: I paid more with the hopes of getting it sooner but now I'm actually going to get it later and I might have to go to the other side of the world just to pick it up if no one can sign for it tomorrow. :crybaby:(I think the fedex location is in another borough.) I HATE Fedex 2 day air!!! This is the second time this has happened to me!!!

    I want my bag :crybaby:
  2. ooooooooooohhh. I'm so sorry this happened! that sucks.

    What kind of document was left at your door? I think one time I was left a cell phone number from a FedEx driver who I met 20 minutes after I missed him.
  3. Nothing was left!! Which is what makes me angrier! They didn't even bother leaving a notice. :sad:
  4. What a bummer! I know the feeling. Sorry you missed him.
  5. I've had the same thing happen to me. My mom stayed home for me to sign for the package. FedEx said they came by but no one was home. LIES. She was home all day! FedEx can be sketchy.
  6. this happened to me before too. i waited all day at home with barely a pee break and then i heard the truck drive off to run out and find a tag on my door. wth?! there wasn't even a doorbell ring! i know your frustration!
  7. That's probably because they didn't make it to you house. This has happened to me before and I KNOW they didn't come to my door. It's sooo wrong but it keeps them from getting in trouble for not making it to you.
  8. :sad: sorry to hear
  9. Yeah, they're pretty sketchy. The tracking thing said they would deliver it today by 7PM and it said no one was home at 3:06, shouldn't they attempt to deliver again? I know FedEx Ground does that, or they just leave it outside. Ahhhhhhh, all I want is my bag :'( I hope my neighbors will be home to sign for it tomorrow. I'm going to stick post-its ALL over my door tomorrow.
  10. ohhh im so sorry to hear that...hope it will be there soon :yes:
  11. That's a bummer! Hopefully you'll get it tomorrow! =)
  12. I'm so sorry that happened! Hopefully you'll get it for sure tomorrow! I've had great experiences with FedEx so far, way better than UPS!
  13. That is too bad...that is terrible if they did not even attmpt the delivery.
  14. I know someone who works for Fedex and has told me of instances where the driver will even scan a door tag number and just throw it away, to make it look like he was at your door but you weren't home. :yucky:
  15. Yeppers! :yes: UGH :sad: