I need help to estimate a future birkin price..

  1. So I got to thinking - with a reasonable saving each month, I will afford a birkin in spring 2010 - but can someone calculate, based on the price increase from the past 2 1/2 years untill now - how much a 35 black birkin will cost at that time? (eg. togo or another leather you might know the past prices off)

    How much did it cost in spring 2005?
    how much now?
    how much spring 2010?

    Thanks a bunch in advance!!
  2. Roughly 6500 Euro, give or take a few.
    The usual price increase for Birkin bags is ca. 10% per year. IIRC, the price in 2006 was 4700, now it's 5100. That should be 5600 in 2008, 6100 in 2009, ca. 6500 in 2010.
  3. wow thanks a lot!! then it would be lot cheaper buying on credit!! with my banks interest for 2 years, it will still be at least 550 euros less than the estimated 2010 price!!
  4. Please don't take this the wrong way. Like many of the members here have said. Hermes bags are luxury items. One should only indulge in it when disposable income allows it. And it's got to do with one's lifestage too. I could never have afforded ANY of my Hermes bags when I was, say in my 20's. It is not worth getting into a loan for. The day you can buy a Birkin without credit, the satisfaction would be different.

    Find ways to improve your income (work more??) before you plonk down credit for a bag. At the end of the day, it's just a bag.
  5. I completely understand you and I have allways been of the same belief. if I wanted something I saved up for it, that way I knew when I finally had the money if it was a passing craving or not. For some reason I am just thinking not very logical thoughts right now.. :confused1:
  6. Wise words from a woman whom I have the greatest respect for. Yes.. the bag is a fantastic piece of craftsmanship but in the larger scheme of things, it really is just a bag... it's not worth getting into a debt spiral for it...
  7. It's called the Orange bug. Everyone's infected when they visit H forum.
  8. archangel :blush::flowers:
  9. I hope no one feels less of me :shame:
  10. Of course not dear! We've all been infected, and the vaccine is available on this forum (NOT!). :p. I guess at the end of the day, it's just how comfy one is incurring a debt on a bag purchase, and whether that would lead to more bag purchases on the same basis...coz of the ease of it...
  11. Of course NOT! We all go through the "Shall I" "Shall I Not" with Hermes. :p
  12. Hey! I know how you feel. I do not own anything from Hermes yet and there is this compulsion to buy something now just to 'feel' part of the Hermes forum family. But well.. i'm still doing my homework and doing up my sums.

    But i'm indeed interested to know how will Hermes prices rise over the next few years.
  13. Definitely not, we have all been through this phase! Don't worry about it!

  14. :nogood::nogood: (((Mai Britt)))
  15. Of course not! We all have contemplated it at some stage in our lives, for sure. It's just not worth it. It's really just a bag.