I need help? Regarding MJ bag

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  1. Many of you know I got a venetia last week. (thank you for all of your wonderful comments) But now I kinda have second thoughts because of the size. I love the bag, but it just seems very wide. I like the look of the elise, but have never seen one in person. what would you pick if you were 5'3. keep the venetia or get the elise. :wacko: thanks..
  2. I see what you mean by the bag being a bit wide.It is certainly a lot wider than it is tall. It looks great on you,but I have learnt that you should always listen to that tiny inner voice on these things.

    Hmmm....I love the look of the Elise too. I have never seen it in person,but I must say that it looks like a really,really big bag to me,and because it is so structured (and shiny) the size will really show.

    (I am 5'2).

    I tried a Stam bag and I found it quite big...and I think Elise is bigger,no?

    I think your best bet is to go to the store and try the Elise in real life. If you can,take some pics and run them by us,or take a trustworthy friend along.

    Good luck!!
  3. The bowler I have (I'm 5'3") isn't too bad for size and there is enough room for everything in there. I agree they are shiny, but I took this one out for a job interview on Saturday and felt very comfortable and appropriate.
    Since I am a Fendi type person, I find it a little conservative for my normal taste, but for my interview I felt it was a tasteful bag to carry.
    Some of the colors they have I don't like, but this one is "chalk" aka cream color.
  4. Personally I love a big bag, I guess it depends on what yo're used to carrying. I really dont think the mj bag is any bigger then a speedy 30 is it ?
    And for me i love carrying my mc speedy 30 and its BIG.
    I tried on the venetia a few weeks ago at Holts ( it wasnt the quilted bag) and my b/f said the bag was fine.. I had the question too is it too big. I'm only 5'3 as well and he said the bag was fine on me.. I think maybe you just need to get used to it, or maybe its the color ?

  5. The Elise is definitely smaller than the Stam is. I have both bags, and can take a side by side pic when I get home this evening if anyone is interested.

    I have tried the Venetia on, but I'm not overly familiar with its size or specific dimensions. It is definitely larger than the Elise though.

    I thought the Venetia looked great on you, kylieReese; not too wide at all. Because it is a little larger, the Venetia is more of an eye-catcher than the Elise. At the end of the day what matters most is that you are comfortable and confident carrying the bag. If the Venetia feels awkward to you, return it for the Elise. I personally really liked the Venetia on you in the photograph you shared.
  6. It's a beautiful bag that I think looks wonderful on you! I would try to get used to the size if I were you. I too am 5'3" and have owned a Venetia and although it's a larger sized bag, I thought it was wonderful. It's looks great on you - you should keep it!
  7. to compare sized the speedy 30 is 12 long x 8 tall x 5 deep from front to back

    the mj is 15 long<---->x 9 tall and 5 deep
    so very close
  8. I think it's about personal preference. I like both bags but I'm leaning more toward the Elise. I jus love that new style and the patent leather...yum!
  9. I'm 5'3" and I own a Venetia (and the Stella tote which is larger than that). I don't mind the size because I carry a lot to work. I think the Elise looks less wide, but I think proportionally, it's probably the same as the Venetia. I don't think my MJ bags looks really bad, size-wise, on me.
  10. Elise is smaller than Blake, Stam, and Venetia

    Blake: 8 1/2"H x 13"W x 6"D
    Elise: 8"H x 12 1/2"W x 5"D
    Venetia: 5"H x 15"W x 9"D

    I (5ft) bought Elise b/c of its size and style.
  11. the venetia is a huge size but if you dont like it return it.
  12. i think the venetia looks bigger in pics than it actually looks on. i'm 5'6 and had one that i returned, and i didn't feel like it was that huge. i think it should be fine on you, although i like the elise better as a bag, so it just depends on personal taste i suppose.
  13. I say return the Venetia and get the Elise. I used to own a Venetia bag and returned it for the same reason. The Elise is much smaller and comfortable to carry.
  14. I think it really depends on what you are planning on using the bag for. If you carry a lot of stuff around with you, I would stick with the Venetia. I don't think it's that "huge" of a bag.