I need babysitter help please!! MOMs help me out!

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  1. ok so DH and I are hopefully gonna take a cruise in Aug and I asked my older sis and my parents to watch my two little ones...........neither can. SO I asked my neice who is 19 to watch them at my house. Here's the deal, we will fully stock the fridge, the kids don't have to be taken to anything (like school, meetings or scouts or anything like that). So all she has to do is stay at home really (no need to go to the store or what have you), so it's not going to be alot of work. I have two boys, age 3 and 6, both are potty trained so no diapers. Now this is the part I need help with.........I told her I would pay her but I'm not sure how much to pay.

    I told my sis (her mom) $200 and she seemed to think that wasn't enough.........what do you guys think?? I have never had anyone but family watch the kids and I've never had to pay so I'm completely unsure as to what to do. Remember she is family, not just some random person, but she is 19 and it's for one week. A Saturday to a Saturday.

    Also she did agree to watch them after I told her mom $200 and she told my neice but again my sis thought I should rethink it..........help?? Oh and my parents live about 5 miles away, so if anything happened, they could help out and I'm sure they would come over to hang out as well or my neice would take them over there to hang out........so it's not like she wouldn't get some help.
  2. $200 definately isn't enough. This is 24/7 responsibility for an entire week for two little boys. Let's say the boys wake up at 8am and go to bed at 9pm. That's a 13 hour day. I'd figure out what minimum wage is in your state and pay accordingly. I'd pay her around $600 for the week. Remember she's going to be giving up any social life for the weekend, and handling 2 boys is a handful for anyone, especially a 19 year old.
  3. First of all, congratulations on getting a break for a cruise. :yahoo: So jealous!

    Well, I think there are couple of issues you should consider. Cost-wise, it's really what you and your niece are comfortable with. My next door neighbor paid her pre-teen niece $20/day to help her out for a few days (while she did house chores). I pay my sitter $100/14 hr night for my 18mo old son. If she happily agreed to $200, then you shouldn't feel guilty. For me, though, I would pay her at least $100/day.

    Secondly, does your niece drive? Will she be holed up in a house with two boys for an entire week? Are there protected times/DAYS where she will get a break? I don't understand how you think this won't be a lot of work. She will basically need to be up in the morning whenever they get up, go to sleep AFTER they go to bed. Bathing, eating. Cleaning up after them (unless they will do it after every meal esp when mom and dad aren't home). Watching them, keeping them out of trouble. I couldn't imagine two boys stuck in a house for a week not wreaking havoc. She's not going to have any nap time. Probably won't sleep well at night, either, since she's not at her own home. This is a LOT of work for anyone, and for a 19 yo??

    Maybe she can tag team with your parents???

    Just my two cents worth... in either case, I'm sure it will work out. Have a fabulous trip.:yahoo:
  4. Agree with you here but I would say $300.00. I would do it for that and I'm 25. Whatever you 2 agreed on plus a little extra would be nice since she won't be expecting that. Have a great time!
  5. I agree that 200$ isn't enough for a week 24/7 babysitting.
    It's going to be a lot of work and responsibility for her to look after 2 little kids. Is she allowed to take them to the playground or zoo as otherwise it will be hell for all 3 of them if they're housebound for 7 days.
    When I babysitted which is more than 11 years ago I got 100$ a night for sitting 2 little boys but maybe prices are higher here for babysitters.
    I think 600$ would be ok as she gives up her life for this week.
  6. DUDE......I pay my sitter 300 for a 2 day weekend!
    Id pay at least 500 for a week..Plus all gas expenses etc..those little ones need to be entertained.NOT stuck in a house 7 days..so u will need to leave money for that stuff too...KWIM?
  7. PS-19 is young..is she super mature?Id get someone to give her a break between the 7 days too......

  8. Oh my.....Not going to be a lot of work? I don't mean to be rude but you're kidding surely? I don't think $200 is anywhere near enough, I would be paying at least $500. Looking after them will be a huge responsibility for her.
  9. Ok so after reading the other responses, I guess I would do it because I'm broke and need ANY amount of money! I do see everyone's point though.
  10. Maybe $200 if they were big (almost teenagers)... but 3 and 6 is still a big responsibility...
  11. I agree that $200 isn't enough to take care of two young boys for a whole week. That's a lot of time and effort. You don't want it to look like you are taking advantage of a family member or have her agree but be mad and not do a good job. I hope you have a good time on the cruise!
  12. ok are you guys reading that she is family, not just some random person?? I would watch my sisters kids for a week with NO PAY!! She may be 19 but she is very mature for her age. SHe also has two younger siblings so she is used to watching little kids. Also she doesn't have a job right now cuz she's going to school, she lives at home and has NO BILLS. Also she isn't the partying type of girl, she spends alot of time at home.......she is all about family. Oh and if my parents watched them it would be free, they won't take money.
  13. :rolleyes:

    I guess that's why I said I would do it for $300. I watch my sisters 2 year old 2 days a week and she pays me $200 a month. I do it to help her out because I want her to finish school. So if she offered me $200.00 to watch him for a week, I would do it so she could take a much needed vacation. But that's just my opinion.

  14. I'm sorry, I thought you were pointing out that she was family to let us know that you trusted her, not as an indication of how much you should/shouldn't be paying.
  15. so would $350 be better.......that would be $50 day and again she is family and we aren't loaded so that is huge to us. I am a SAHM and DH doesn't make alot!
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