i need advice on whether a not so pristine bag is worth buying and can it be cleaned?

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  1. one of my HGs has popped up but i am wondering if it's worth spending $900 over retail when it is not in good condition..should i wait it out for a better one to come along? the handles are super dark, and the corners are scuffed and the sides KIND of look dark from the pics....is it worth it? can it be professionally cleaned to look new again? and i know that costs quite a bit so that would make the bag almost double retail..=( what do you ladies think?
  2. Even if it's a HG, i would not spend $900+(also for cleaning costs- which can be more than $200) I honestly would wait it out, i've seen AFF and RDC have better offers and some of them were from 2002-2004.
  3. I would NOT get it even though it's my HG. I feel like someone is ripping me off. ;) Also, you said "handles are super dark, and the corners are scuffed "....it sounds kinda disgusting too. I wouldn't want to buy a bag with someone's (sweat or oil) on the handles. Even if you send the bag to have it clean...it's not going to be as nice as a new bag. A lot of the times....if they are trying to remove the oil off the handles...the handles will have to be repaint. It will never be the same again. I rather spend my money on a brand new bbag. Plus, I think bbag will eventually come out with similar color....so I will just wait.:yes:
  4. Wait.

    With all the HGs coming up, wait.

    Your perfect bag will come along :yes:
  5. whoever is selling the bag at that price is clearly taking sooo much advantage of those who are dying to get this color. 900 overretail is way too much, especially if the bag isn't in good condition. To say the least! Wait it out, the perfect hg will come along.
  6. I say wait on too(so many bags are popping up everywhere lately). The bag you described sounds so very beaten up & it would probably be quite a bit to restore. I am sure LMB can do a great job but then again, it is probably not worth to go to great lengths just to get your HG!
  7. hmm now I'm wondering. As she lowered is to 1780for me but still not sure. Maybe I should wait?
  8. That's still WAAY overpriced!
  9. ^^ ditto. no bag is worth it and who knows - even after you fix it, will it still feel like your HG any more??

    i would wait
  10. $1780 for a bag with darkened handles & scuffed corners?!:wtf:
    Even if it is the holiest of all HG's, I will buy for that price!!
  11. ^^ I mean NOT buy!:shame:
  12. ^ Me neither.
    That is too much and also if I totally understand you tofuchan, try to mantain your self control and wait ;)
  13. I wouldn't do it. Wait for one in better condition or you may regret the purchase.
  14. another vote for "no, don't buy it. wait!". it's too much over retail!
    i mean if the hg is in a MINT - like used 2-3 times, no scruffs, esp no darkened handles - then go for it. from your description, it sounds like the bag is in pretty BAD shape. save the cash and wait!
  15. Same here.

    I've waited SO LONG for all of my HGs in excellent-mint condition, and I didn't budge.

    It was worth it:yes:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.