I must say, I am impressed......

  1. with the customer service at Saks in Beachwood, OH (Cleveland).

    I bought my Speedy there about 3 weeks ago, but did not get a box, and I also forgot to inquire about a catalog. Didn't really thing about either at the time, I was so excited about my Speedy!

    So, about a week ago, I emailed the SA, from the card she gave me, to ask for a catalog. I got a reply back from the manager, saying they'd be glad to send me a catalog. When I emailed back to give him my information, I mentioned that I also did not get a box the day of purchase.

    Lo and behold, I just took my garbage cans to the curb, and what did I find waiting for me on my porch? A large box from Louis Vuitton/Saks.

    Once I got over the delusion that someone sent me a Monogram Alma in the mail, I realized it was my catalog....and a box for my Speedy!!

    I have read about some posters difficulties in getting both boxes and catalogs so I just wanted to pass on the word about my very positive experience with the LV boutique at Saks. I wish we could all have experiences as good as the ones I have had the past three weeks...after all, we deserve it! :yes:

    By the way, the large outer box that my box/catalog was packaged in once housed a Cabas GM (there's a bar code on the side!)
  2. Good on them, this is how it should be:yes:. And glad you got your box and catalogue;)
  3. yeah, beachwood lv is nice...they have a somewhat better selection that down here in columbus (they had several pink denim when columbus had NONE!). they are very friendly. i haven't bought anything from there, but i've been there browsing, and they all seemed friendly.
  4. That's awesome! Great customer service :yes:
  5. Great SAs! Wow! You got great treatment there!
  6. yay i am glad that you had a very positive experience with LV. i've never been to that LV before but i will make a mental note to stop by if i were ever in cleveland.
  7. That's good to know. My aunt lives in Cleveland, and was thinking of visiting the Beachwood Saks if I go out there.
  8. wow.. i wish we had SA's like that in NY!
  9. congrats! LV has great service! (or at least my SA gives me great service! lol)
  10. thats great customer service. im impressed too.
  11. That´s the way it should be. Yay for good service!
  12. Good for you. That is what I call excellent service.
  13. That is great! The LV boutique at Saks in Beechwood, Ohio is the only place that I have ever bought my brand new LV's...they have always been nice and very helpful!
  14. Wow! great CS! I love reading posts about good CS at stores. :heart:
  15. I agree that it is always nice to hear about good CS; however, I did not have a good experience. I purchased my black Epi Alma at a Saks last Saturday and they didn't give me a box. Luckily, there was an actual LV store at the Plaza and they gave me a box. When I got home that evening, I discovered that they had forgotten to include the lock and key. I called Saks, Saturday, Tuesday & Thursday to advise them and did not receive the lock and keys until Friday (nearly one week later). I opened the box on Sunday (yesterday) to discover that they had sent me a gold/brass lock and key!!! To top it off, the phone # on the business card the SA sent was out of order. Frustrated with their CS, I drove 46 miles to pick-up the darn lock and key!!!