I must be slow but I only just found out what Cannelle means

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  1. lol, I was eating some cinnamon crunchies, and on the package, under the work Cinnamon, it said Cannelle. :P So thats what it means! :nuts: Anyone know if Azur means purple?
  2. Azur means blue in French.
  3. ^ yeah I think it's blue too
  4. Azur literally means blue-purple. You have heard of Cote d'Azur? Hey, I didn't know what they meant by cannelle either! I saw it on elux and was afraid to order, because I couldn't see the color change. I was perusing epi Speedys earlier, when I returned, there were speedys in Cannelle. That was my first encounter with the word.
  5. The only reason I remember what it was .....
    because of the amazing tpf givaway they had for the Cannelle Alma ....I think it was the Alma, anyhow it was gorgeous! I never got to see the pictures of the winner with it:sad:

  6. LOL Isn't it amazing what you can learn from a cereal box?!?!? :P
  7. Azur is a blue-purple.
  8. periwinkle
  9. isn't azul blue in spanish? HAHA
  10. it is :yes: French and spanish are somewhat similar in my opinion... i took French in highschool and breezed through it because I had already learned Spanish.
  11. Yeah. I did the reverse, wound up with a French degree but had to pick up another language--Spanish. So, you could guess blue. The Cote d''Azur is what the French call the French Riviera, so it is appropriate that LV came out with Damier Azur for their resort collection.
  12. Blue in French = bleu

    Azur is a shade of blue :smile:
  13. so many different answer...@_@
  14. Thanks for the information.
  15. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: