I met a PF member today!

  1. I was at NM Palo Alto today to exchange my Chanel tote ( the chain is broken). While I was waiting for the manager to authorize the exchange, a girl with a whiskey paddington asked " Are you pursegal?" And it was PF member Tod. :nuts:

    I was so excited to have finally met a forum member :biggrin: She was so sweet and I can't wait to finally meet other PF members at the meeting. I ended up getting a Chanel tote with silver hardware instead :love:
  2. No way!!!!! What a small world! I am really happy the forum can bring great people together!
  3. That is so cool!! I'm afraid I won't be running into any members here at Penn State -- in the very middle of Pennsylvania! -- but how fun! Maybe at a meeting:smile:
  4. OMG!! I would be so excited! lol how fun!
  5. That is so funny! What a small world! Pretty awesome!
  6. I talked to a PF member on the phone at work one day. I happened to be taking over for our receptionist that day and after I said my name she asked me if I was Allison on a forum . I asked her which one and she said the Purse Forum. I can't remember who she said she was but she doesn't post very much.
  7. Haha, what a small world.
  8. I met Sweetea at one of the local mall's when she bought my Cerise Speedy.

    It was kinds cool meeting someone from the fourm.

    "You met one of the purse ladies?" my boyfriend asked as he shook his head after I told him all about it.

    Purse ladies.

    That's what he calls it. "Are you in there talking to the purse ladies again?", he always asks. LOL :lol: :lol:
  9. ^ lol too funny!
  10. LOL!!! That is sooo cute!:love:

  11. :lol:OMG mine says the EXACT same thing! Must be a man thing :suspiciou
  12. That's cute.:smile:
  13. What a small world! That is so awesome!

    Last week, there was a young and fashionable asian girl standing in line in front of me at the post office. She was carrying the most gorgeous rouge Balenciaga First and I couldn't stop salivating behind her. I had this huge urge to tap her shoulder and ask her if she's one of the PF ladies but guess what... I chickened out. I was afraid that she'll give me a weird look and I'll just die right there. :lol:

    To the girl with the rouge First that day: I'm waving at you right now. :amuse:
  14. hahah that's such a funny story!! It'll be cool if I run into someone from the PF at the Galleria in Houston. It's the hip mall to be at lol
  15. Wow !!! that sounds so weird and fantastic at the same time.:nuts: