I love you Megs and Vlad but....

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  1. I actually don't know - where do you see that?!
  2. Interesting, I don't see them any more. They were at the bottom of the screens.
    Not there now.....
  3. I don't remember ever seeing that or knowing what that was...

    But the "likes" tally count has been moved to profile pages now :yes:
  4. Found it!
    If you click on my profile pic, you'll see "trophy points" at the bottom of my statistics.
  5. ...in the app, correct? The app shows stuff it's not supposed to, but it chooses to confuse our members anyway. :annoyed:
  6. Yes, it's in the app.
    Lol. This is adventure....
  7. Yep, in the app.
  8. Just chiming in to say I had to delete the apps on my iPad and iPhone because they kept crashing. Initially after the rollout they seemed okay, but the crashing started shortly after. Will reinstall and report back if they work.
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