I love you Megs and Vlad but....

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  1. To the moon and back...but I have been through many incarnations of this forum and have adapted to them all. But for some reason, I am finding this latest revamp to be a little cumbersome. What I always love?....Pull down menus!

    Pull down menus for the things we all search for:

    Threads we've started.
    Threads we have commented on.
    Threads we are following.
    People who have privately messaged us.
    The "Log Out"

    When I say "Log Out" I wish it was at the top next to "Log In".
    I wish all 5 of these things were on a pull down menu. Or maybe we can customize our own pull down menus for about 5 items?
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  2. Shoo!!!!

    Ok sending dear @Vlad your way! We want to make it all easier and continue to tweak. Let me see if we can tweak any of these things easily as well. We want the user experience to be easy, we do!
  3. Cumbersome is such an understatement. I live on the web. This site is tiring to navigate. Aesthetically it looks nice, but it just does not "think" like it should. I am weary after 10 minutes of browsing. :sad:
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  4. Do you have specific aspects that are most bothersome to you? The only way we can try to rectify some of the issues is knowing exactly what is not up to par for you all!
  5. I liked how the attached pictures automatically loaded full size on the old site. Now, I'm either seeing links to click that will open pictures up in another pop up or a small thumbnail version of the picture.

    Edit: also quoting seems to be a little more complicated than it was before. I clicked the +Quote but it didn't actually insert your post into mine.
  6. To quote just one person, click on the reply button that is bottom right of the post you are viewing. That allows a single quote.

    The old images had a problem with the transfer hence you see the links. We are working with a team on an option to fix this. When you upload a picture on the new site you need to click on "insert photo" instead of add attachment. That way it shows as a full image. Maybe we can get rid of the thumbnail option on the new site so we just get large images - or maybe there's a reason we don't. I'll check with Vlad!
  7. @bagnshoofetish Click on your avatar in the header of the site and you get almost everything you asked for. Log out, conversations (PMs), your own content. You can click on your (or any other) avatar by your post and quickly get to all your posts or threads you started with the links provided in the member card. Unfortunately it would be too complicated to allow users to add custom menus.
  8. Give it a chance for longer than 10 minutes and you'll soon find that things are basically the same, just slightly in a different place. :tup:
  9. Oh, I have spent much longer than 10 minutes! I am just weary after 10 minutes...I keep pushing through.
  10. I will reply with some more specifics. I promise.
  11. K awesome! Would be helpful!
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    I've been using my iPhone a lot so its a little tougher than when I am on the laptop.

    Oh and what are trophy points?
  13. If you don't mind me bugging in.... Does the app still work? I deleted it when I realized a few weeks back it didn't work with the new version. But I have to say attaching pic was much easier with the app. Any chance you guys Wld make a new app? Thanks!
  14. The app should be working with the new forum version. :idea:
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  15. Yes, what are trophy points???