I love when people admit to buying fakes :o)


Apr 6, 2007
Canal Street is fake purse capital of the US (I don't know if they have anything with that quantity anywhere else). Most people should know they are buying a fake there just from the prices.
Also, every mall around me has those stands that have the "as compaired to" sunglasses that you can get for $12. They never tell you there are real though.


Loves Mr. Turtle!!
Mar 24, 2007
Aston, Pennsylvania
I was at graduation for a friend and there was a lady who sat next to my mom--the two struck up a conversation and by the end of the ceremony they were pretty chummy. I had brought my Carly with me and when the lady pulled out HER bag, my mom nudged me on the shoulder and said "Look Laur, she has a Coach bag too!" I took one glance at it and said "It's fake", I mean it was a really bad fake. I may be new at the whole Coach thing but I can tell a bad fake when I see one. My mom then proceeded to laugh and call me a bag snob. And then I told her that's okay, as long as I'm not the one who looks like an idiot for carrying a fake. It was just horrifying! Maybe the lady didn't know it wasn't authentic...who knows. Good thing I had my pretty Carly to make me look good :0)


Apr 30, 2007
i felt totally awful for one of my coworkers this past christmas.

everyone at work KNOWS i love coach (and they make fun of me for it-- well the guys do). i text msged one of my coworkers merry christmas and she texted me back and said "my sis in law bought me a coach bag!" she had always been admiring mine and didnt have one herself so i was happy for her......... until she brought it in to show me.

it was a GOACH...... with plastic wrap on the handles. i didnt know what to say, so i said "well, i havent seen that one on the website" and went back to my desk.

THANKFULLY, she realized a few days later it was fake... and went out and bought herself a REAL coach bag. i woulda felt awful if she continued to think it was a real bag, but..... she was so excited and i couldnt bear to let her down!

wow.. its one thing to buy a fake bag for yourself, but to buy it for a relative?!

at least she found out it was fake before she actually wore it out in public!