I love when people admit to buying fakes :o)


Feb 15, 2006
Today work was SUPER slow so when a customer came in, my coworker and I were absolutely delighted! Well, I started scoping out her "Coach" and I could tell it was fake. Well, I began ringing her up and she wanted to grab another shirt and walked away, leaving her purse on the counter. I said to my coworker, Alix, "Its a fake." so when the woman returned Alix says, "I really like your purse!" and the lady is all, "Thanks so much! Some of my girlfriends and I went to New York last summer and we LOADED up on purses. All knock-offs of course! Who knows?" I just kind of smiled and kept doing what I was... trying super hard not to laugh. Poor thing. *sigh* Oh well. Alix and I had a good laugh after she left. The really sad part was... she probably could have bought the real thing for the same, or less than, what she paid in New York. Ohhhh well. :rolleyes:


Apr 6, 2007
Actually on Canal St. you can buy fakes for cheap. So when someone tells you they bought their fake in NYC they probably only paid $20-30. They aren't bad looking fakes but they never hold up as well as the real thing.
I have a co worker who used to go on about her fakes that she picked up for $20 and how it was really a Coach that wasn't made to their standard. That used to make me laugh.
So she got sick a few weeks ago and a few of us pitched in and bought her a real Coach (some black duffel i found at the outlet) and she freaked (she got mad at us for spending the money but was really excited). Now no going back to fakes for her!
I also work with a girl who likes to steal the fake wallets from Canal Street. I don't condone that but she says it's illegal for them to be selling them so how bad is it. I found this out after asking her if her Chanel wallet was real and where she got it from.


In LVoe...
Jan 21, 2007
Memphis, TN
I was in Hobby Lobby about a month or so ago and was carrying my sig stripe tote. The girl that rung me up complimented me on it and said her friend had went to NY and got one just like it with the matching wallet for *only* $80....:rolleyes:

And the other day at work, a lady my sister knows that apparently sells "Coach" bags came with some bags she was selling for like $30-60. The funniest thing though was that this same lady's husband bought her a fake Dooney for Valentine's Day, and she raised hell about it being fake.....yet she sells "Coach" bags out of her trunk......


Apr 6, 2007
Well, it's one thing to sell them and make money but it is another to actually use one and be seen with it.
Another person I know was using a very beat up LV and all I could think was that a real one wouldn't look like that after using it for a year. I had to ask if it was real and of course not, it was bought in NYC.


Jul 21, 2006
Two weeks ago, my mom came home from downtown with new sunglasses. She said "like my new sunglasses?? They're Coach!! I bought them off a cart for $5!!" My face was literally like :wtf: She's not into designer stuff as much as I am, but all of her Coach bags are real. After 3 days of explaining to her how disgusting fake designer things are, she finally bought a pair of Marc Jacobs sunnies and told me that she'll never buy knockoff things ever again!!


Feb 21, 2007
well, at least she knew they were fakes! i feel bad for the people who have fakes and genuinely think they're real...
I completely agree

I truly feel bad for people who just don't know what they're getting, I try to tell anyone who'll listen about fake vs real


Dona Nobis Pacem
Mar 29, 2007
When you go down to Canal street, the merchants practically grab you and try to make you come into the store to shop. Last time I was there I was walking in the street to avoid them! UGH! I was working on a project recently and one of the women there had a very cute handbag so I complimented her on it. It was a small black bag with a great shape. She told me she bought it on Canal Street and it came with different designer logos you could glue on. :wtf: I told her I wouldn't spoil the lines of the bag by doing that! OMG!
Apr 23, 2007
OMG wow i HATE fakes:cursing: and one of my friends has real bruberrys and then goes and buys fake dooneys and other things and doesn't care if they are fakes! I just don't get how she can drop $500 on a bag then not care if she carries fakes of $200 bags!! All of my friends know better than to talk about getting/having fakes in front of me. LOL

Glitter Girl

Apr 13, 2007
I know ! A large part of why I buy real Coach is for the quality. I can't imagine having one of those cheap knockoffs with a zipper that probably gets all snagged and frayed, yuk !


Flaunt your Fringe
Dec 7, 2005
we have people that come in all the time with their fakes here. One woman the other day was dragged in by her daughter, and the mom said, "I'd rather buy you the fake one of that, no one will know." One girl who didn't know how to spot fakes commented a lady on her bag and the lady said, "See, you work here and you can't even tell it's fake!"


Still Lusty
Mar 25, 2007
Ugh, at my trip to Macy's today a woman struck a conversation up with me about the bags. I commented on how I had traveled two hrs just to see the bags and she asked if I'd ever consider buying fakes.

I'm sure my look of horror was extreme. She asked me if I had purse parties in my area, "look, I bought this Prada at a party, women just load up on them!".

I simply told her, "nope, couldn't do it" and left it at that. She probably thought I was a complete b****. :graucho: