I love this forum!

  1. I did a search one night and found this forum and was instantly addicted. I had 3 purses and two wallets before i joined and it took me about 2 years to get them. Since joining i have bought the Mono Riveting and today (I AM SO EXCITED) i went on eluxury and the azur speedy 25 was there and i got it!!!! i cant wait till it comes and i will post pics! So thats two purses in about 1 month! Oh yeah and i got Jack and Lucie, before this board i would NEVER have thought to even look at things like that. PLUS we are going to be in vegas in the next few weeks maybe a month and there is soooo much i want to look at and i will HAVE to get something, i am thinking about a cosmetic bag or something else small ....so i love this forum but i may be living in a cardboard box with all my LV's....just kidding....thanks so much everyone!:yahoo:
  2. Welcome to tPF (the "evil" forum :devil: j/k) Congrats!! post pics when it comes ;) Oh I also bought 3 LVs in 1 month cos of this forum....love this forum tho'
  3. wooooo! we :heart: you too! :smile:
  4. LOL! Welcome to the forum! It happened to me like that too. I am totally addicted, I have to be on here everyday!!

    I went from one bag.....to many!

    I always joke with people and say, "Look at my beautiful LV bag, and the poor bag's got no money in it"! LOL!
  5. lol. I love this forum too! I can't get enough of it!
  6. Welcome!!
  7. welcome :biggrin:
  8. Welcome, I too am a new addict to the forum, love this place :love:
  9. Welcome, lol cardboard box!

    I can not believe you found an azur speedy on elux! I have never seen one. What time of day was it and what standard time, lol. I'm being serious! I almost don't want to see one though until I'm allowed to get it, which is May 1st. Have fun in Vegas!
  10. welcome..... feel the same way, love tPF to death......lol
  11. well, its funny you ask....last saturday i checked eluxury around 6 am and there were the speedy 25 azurs! so i added one to my cart and then didnt buy it right away because i wasnt sure i really wanted it. saturday night i made up my mind to get it....and it was gone! i swear i was in tears! so i have been stalking eluxury every day all week and this morning at 6:35 am pacific time IT WAS THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i freaked out, i added it sooo quick and paid for it lol....i cant wait until it comes. this will be my first speedy 25, all the rest are 30's so i really hope i dont think its too small! Anyways, yeah if you cant buy it until May, it might be less painful not too look lol, i really had no business buying another bag so soon....but i just had to have it:love: Thanks so much everyone for your replies!
  12. Welcome
  13. Welcome ! I know what you mean about how addicting this forum is. I was doing a Google search and happen to find this place.

    Since then, I have to be on it for at least 3-4 hours a day! :lol:

    Congrats on all your purchases ! :yahoo: I'm sure if you stick around here longer, it certainly be your last buys ! :devil: :lol:
  14. Welcome. I know! I love this forum too. It taught me alot of bad things. LOL.
  15. WELCOME! This forum addicted me too!