I love my Evora MM so much...wouldn't it be nice if it came in PM, too?

  1. Hi friends. I am so in love with my Evora MM in DE. I just so wish it came in the PM size. I would definitely buy one even if I already have the MM. I have a Bloomsbury PM, but sometimes find myself in need of a bigger cross body bag. My Evora MM is too big for that purpose while the Bloomsbury GM has been discontinued. Does anyone else wish the same?
  2. Yes! I did not get the Evora since the MM was too big for me... I would love to see it come in a PM! How cute would that bag be!!!
  3. yes, i wish evora comes in pm and if bloomsbury gm is still available. :smile:
  4. I was in the same position last year! I loved the Evora, but it was just too big. I felt luggage sized on me. I ended up purchasing the Bloomsbury GM, which I LOVE (so glad I purchased it when I did since it's been discontinued), but I think I would have purchased the Evora if it came in PM. Hope you can find the Bloomsbury GM pre-loved!
  5. I am so excited to see Evora in person this weekend. No LV stores near me. She is number 1 on my wish list. I hope I love her in person. :blush:
  6. I really prefer the Evora in the PM size over a Bloomsbury GM. I find the Bloomsbury's base too thin sometimes although I love my Bloomsbury PM.
  7. Wow, I thought the Evora MM was the perfect size. The GM is HUGE!
  8. GM is so big that it isn't pretty.
  9. I agree, I didn't buy the MM because I thought it looked huge on me.