I just got my mc wapity and don't like the color combo! :(

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  1. Can I take it to a boutique and switch it out? I am so dissapointed. It's got way too much mustard yellow and brown in it for me. :sad:

  2. Sure, if you got it from a boutique.
  3. i'm sure you can, but they might look at you funny :upsidedown:
    i actually think you have a beautiful wapity! i have the same one at home! mine has the same pinks and purples, BUT unfortunately has some black (ick)~
    better mustard yellow than BLACK :Push:
  4. Boutiques won't take elux returns. I would imagine that's where you bought it, right?
    I love the chartreuse, myself, but I know others prefer to pick different colors.
  5. If you bought it from eLuxury, just send it back to them and then buy a new one at the boutique where you can choose your color combo. :yes:
  6. I think I will send it back and hit the boutique. Such a bummer.
  7. :drool: my favourite combo!! don't exchange :sad: ...
  8. I thought you could do an exchange at a boutique??
  9. I think it's pretty... but I would never pick multicolore stuff on eLuxury... I have to be there to pick out the colors lol
  10. Perfect! That's a splendid idea! Don't feel bad - I totally get your complaint. It all depends on the cut of the leather. Personally, I like the pink colors more than the yellow but that's just me. You're going to have to go into the store and hand-pick it yourself. And don't worry - the SAs won't think you're nuts. You're putting out your money - just say "I'd like to see your wapitys and say that you'd like to find one with more (blank) color in it."

    Let us know what you decide! :tup:
  11. Thanks for not flaming me too bad. I knew you all would be the ony ones who understood!

    For the record I would like more pinks! ROFL
  12. I like it, keeper
  13. Yes, just send it back. I do like the color combo though but if you're not happy with it you should definately send it back.
  14. Hit the boutique and choose the colors you like. The colors you have now do not seem to pop out.
  15. ITA, Gucci! Some are so muted and the ones that pop I am not a fan of.