I just got a great deal!!!

  1. I just called Nordstrom to see if they have any Coach purses on sale and they have a Gigi in the whiskey color for .................. $324.90. Is that a great deal or what?

    :nogood:I am soooooo excited, charged it to my credit card right away. I kept thinking that someone might grab it while I am on my way there. In this way, it is safe until I get there.
  2. Great deal I hope you love your Gigi!
  3. AWESOME deal! i love when Nordies does that!!!!
  4. Ok, I think that qualifies as one of the greatest Coach legacy deals I've seen! Congrats. It's an amazing bag, and you're going to realy love it!
  5. WOW! Be sure and post pics when you get it home! Good deal, I am excited for you!!!
  6. Shut up, really??? Isn't the retail on that bag $598???? I am going to Nordie's today, maybe I will be as lucky!
  7. Congrats, great bag!
  8. Oh I have been admiring it for a while now, you just never know if you never ask. I am so glad I have reading TPF and getting inspired by all of you.
  9. Really, is that the best deal you have heard, wow! The retail price is $658. Oh and the SA said there is another Legacy Leather Flap in black for $263.90. I just checked it out online and that retails for $528. I can only pick up my Gigi over weekend, will let you all know what I think.
  10. Wow thats an AMAZING deal! that bag retails for 658!!!
  11. wow what an awesome deal!! i am super jealous!
  12. That is such a great deal. I love the clay color. My Nordstrom has very few Coach's on the clearance table, if any, ever!!
  13. I hardly see any Coach bags at the sales table at Nordstrom ever too. I heard from the SA it was just marked down today. You should call and ask.
  14. Dang, that's a FAB deal!! Good thing I don't have a Nordies nearby...I'd be heading there right now getting in "trouble" !!!
  15. What a great deal! Congratulations! That is a beautiful bag!