I have a serious problem


140 lbs lighter
Feb 5, 2006
I walk past this area about 100 times a day. I keep meaning to do something about it but I fail each day. It's my makeup counter.

I don't know what it is about me and make up, but I have this need to have it. I could really supply a store with the amount i have and haven't even used yet. So I thought I would share with you the makeup that's just in PLAIN VIEW. I still have makeup in my makeup bag and at the BF's house and in random corners of my home.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how I should minimize all of this? I'm a hoarder. :crybaby: I really should stop.


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Here are the last few pics

This all started because I planned on writing a blog on how much crap I have. Today's crap blog is about all my makeup.


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First, throw out the old stuff and things you bought but you know aren't right for you and won't use. Next, go to one of those container stores, or BedBath Beyond or Target and get some simple plastic bins to separate the things you want to keep into skin care, foundation, eye makeup, etc. and something for your brushes.

I keep things too long, always thinking I'll use it someday--that day never comes and in the meantime, the product deteriorates. Good luck!
It's sooo hard to throw things away. I even have difficulty throwing away mascara. Especially since my favorite mascara (Prescriptives Lash Envy) is completely sold out and I haven't been able to find it since I bought it the first time. I wish I bought two.

Then to add the free gifts and everything inside of the pink box and mac case...ug, I have problems.

I keep looking for containers that I can see through but I'm having difficulty finding one that does everything I want it to do. I think I need to start looking for separate containers for each part of my face.
Have you tried looking at the Container Store? I think they sell online and they have stores throughout the US. I love their clear plastic bins with tops and of course they make containers of all sizes. For example, I use a plastic shoe box size with a top to hold all my nail polish bottles and related tools.
*lol* make up addiction :P

I suggest getting rid of what you don't use (give it to friends? they'll love you for it!) and try to organise your make up a bit better.

Or at least stop buying new stuff unless it's something you HAVE to have.
I've got a skin care product addiction.

Here's a little sample of what your make-up cupboard can/should look like:
Foundation- 2 textures:matte and dewy acc. to your skin type
Powder- 2: matte and dewy
Loose Powder- 1
Blusher- 2: one a tad darker for countoring, one fore cheekbones
Highlighter- 1: an essential for covering dark circles, etc.
Zit concealer- 1
Mascara- 2: one lengthening, one volumnizing
Eyeshadow- As many as you think that would fit your skin tone
Lip gloss- 2: clear and coloured
Lipstick- As many as you think that would fit your skin tone
Lip liner- 1: a neutral colour that would blend into your natural lip colour.

hope this helps!
Here is the Proven Tough Love Method of an Incorrigible and Probably Congenital Packrat-Slob Xtreme ComboPak

Get 3 boxes, bags, or spaces on the bed, it doesn't matter. Gather absolutely every cosmetic product you have together, and sort it all into 3 piles.

1) Items that you actually use with such regularity that you would grab them in case of fire.

2) Unopened items

3) Items that have already been opened but either did not work for you, or will work for you when you have changed dress size, or hair color, or corrected some complexion challenge, bought those lime green contacts, gotten that coveted invitation to the exclusive annual Electric Blue Eyeshadow Ball in your community, or otherwise do not fit into Category 1.

Take everything that is in Category 1 and put it in a small container that will fit in your bathroom and can be slipped into your purse.

Ruthlessly and relentlessly put EVERYTHING in Category 2, including those things that you just know will be in Category 1 as soon as you get a chance to see what all they go with, put it all in a Blessing Bag and get it to some ladies who need it and are unlikely to get it unless you give it to them. Holler if you really need instructions on how to do this.

Disposition of Category 3 is a Multi-Step process:

Immediately notify all your dearest friends and relatives who will not be alarmed by the possibility of using makeup, creams, potions and lotions that you have already opened, and/or used, preferably individuals who have been doing exactly that for some time that their presence at a Very Special Liberation Event is required. Mandatory, no excuses.

Cause some snacks and beverages to become present.

Collect some plastic grocery bags for guests who neglected to bring their own.

Arrange Category 3 in all its glory, into a spectacular array covering every horizontal surface in your home that is not occupied by snacks, beverages or plastic grocery bags. If you want, as an extra thoughtful gesture, before your guests arrive, you might try grouping products according to what you think will look good on whom. Caution: Do NOT do this if fooling with the products any more than necessary to spread them out might tempt you to lie to yourself that they are now, ever have been, or ever would have been, Category 1.

If you can do that safely, and want to channel your Inner Martha Stewart, you could even make gift baskets, and watch hilarity ensue as Cousin Mina shrieks "What in the name of all that is holy would ever make you think THIS color highlighter would make me look anything but greener than I already do!"

Encourage guests to try everything (put out lots of mirrors, including magnifying ones), and agree that Cousin Mina does indeed look greener than usual in that color highlighter, but it does wonders for your best friend's undereye circles.

Everything must Go. Each guest is under the sacred obligation to find someone else who can use it if they can't, but it must leave your premises.

Where appropriate, hint that this or that particular guest might want to hold a similar Liberation Event for her unconscionable collection of unused clothing. Or faux bling.

Or handbags....
^^ Agreed! Last time I hung out at my Dad's house when I knew my sister in law and step sister would be there, I brought all of never opened, never will be opened makeup and all of my opened, never to be used makeup with me.

After dinner, I dumped it all out on the daybed in my step mom's office and let them pick through it.

And as I watched people that I am not really that close to fill up bags with hundreds (OK, probably thousands, but I won't admit that) of dollars worth of stuff that I bought, it was a good reminder to buy less makeup:cursing:
ooo you definitely have to get over the not-throwing out make-up thing. I have a similar problem, I feel bad throwing away half-used expensive mascara because its old. But then my friend got a bad eye infection. The doc said it may have been from old eye cosmetics! Pretty gross. I like to sort my make-up in pretty bags. Like all brushes in one bag, things for a 5 min face in another, random make-up I only sometimes use for going out... etc.