I have a serious problem with these bags!

  1. Flower power pretty!!
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  2. Anyone wanna share a mod shot wearing the clutch with the chain?
  3. Does it lay flat when attached?
  4. Yes anyone?
  5. IMG_0343.jpg I just ordered this one
  6. I have been debating this one. Can't wait to see photos. Just don't know if the color will be hard to wardrobe match as I've never owned a pink bag but it is so pretty.
  7. Yes I have found the color sometimes looks better in the photo. My pink fringe dinkier should arrive any day.
  8. IMG_0624.jpg

    There's a black/pink one too on the website.
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  9. Those are so cute! I wonder what fits in there.
  10. I love them, my hubbys wallet is in trouble
  11. These are so cute. Dimensions are 1 1/2" X 3 1/2" X 5 1/4". Would grab these up if they had made them large enough to hold a cell phone. Here is the black/pink.
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  12. My pink fringe dinkier arrived, it is so pretty, but very small. My iPhone 6 fits, not much else. Will post photos tomorrow.
  13. Here's a sneak peak at my new Tea Rose Floral Applique saddle bag. It's late and I'm too tired to take all the stuffing and wrapping off of the bag.
    I love it!

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  14. Got the coin pouch today and it's perfect. I'm keeping it in my purse to hold beauty essentials but I can also take it out on its own and fit my iphone 5 (I'm slow to update) and some cards and a lipgloss or something. I like that it's a little more studded than the Rogue version because I like the play on girly and hard.
    IMG_3535.jpg IMG_3536.jpg IMG_3537.jpg
  15. Congrats! It is so cute. I'm slow to upgrade as well. ;)
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