I have a serious problem with these bags!

  1. I have 3 myself. I think another is in my future too.
  2. Thats fair. However, I am not like most men when it comes to designer goods(especially purses). I enjoy shopping for them, buying, selling, and the whole experience. When I make a comment like that is from a market perspective and of course my own opinion bc I have a sold grasp of what my group likes in general. Ive never fielded a request for such a bag. I could make the argument that in my market most woman probably wouldnt want that style. Of course I could be wrong going by sales data.

    Best regards
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  3. I enjoy the whole experience too. There's probably a lot of women that either don't like them or like the look but wouldn't buy. I don't have anything like it, not sure I will, and I know my two sisters wouldn't buy them if they were the last bags on earth. I maybe should have thought about my response a little more before I posted it.
  4. Its all good. I love input from all perspectives. People have different tastes.
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  5. I think they are on trend. Many designers are doing embellished styles like this, and many are doing flowers specifically. This year it seems that in fashion, more is more; lots of embellishments. I think they are probably selling well, judging by the fact that they keep making more variations. It's not for everyone. I'm drawn to styles like this but I have to keep reminding myself that less embellished items are more versatile.
  6. Well if that is the case I will have to investigate, a great excuse to go shopping
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  7. Ok I can do that .
  8. I love these bags too, so amazing!
  9. So I just got an email from Coach on the spring collection, Oh my, my wallet is not going to be happy.
    They have some awesome colors....
    Hubby may take my cc away
  10. There's a black and pink fringe one that I have to have !
  11. IMG_0458.JPG IMG_0457.JPG Here they are , there's also a beige colored one.
  12. Just put a note with it that say just because and tell him you were think about yourself for him so he wouldnt have to worry about what to get you....for added touch have him sign it and tell him he is the best and thank him in advance.
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  13. I am totally with you on the problem! LOL! All these bags are killing me! I was initially really happy that most of them were too small and don't work for me, but then suddenly all the rogues came out!! Help!!
  14. Haha that's a good one....
  15. I'm supposed to be saving up for a different bag, but I impulse bought the pink one. lol. I have a tea rose Outlaw from earlier in the year, too.