I have a serious problem with these bags!

  1. IMG_0452.jpg IMG_0450.JPG IMG_0451.JPG I am in love with the Tea Rose bags, I can't stop buying them .
    I have a dinky and saddle bag in black, just pre ordered a pink one with fringe, and there are 2 I still want.

    Husband calls me a " mature hippy" .
    I have never purchased this many bags before....
  2. I love them too!!! I have the tea rose saddle 23 and I just love it. I really really want a tea rose dinky also!!! I love the details and think they are just gorgeous bags!
  3. You gotta post pics when the pink fringe Dinky arrives! I'm not normally a fringe person, but this bag is so darn cute! I'll have to check that one out in person!
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  4. I don't have one yet but I'm happy they keep making them. I really want one. I just can't decide on the right one.

    That pink fringe is freaking adorable!
  5. I'll be snapping up that tea rose dinky for the 32 size, if they just release it in a color I like. Nothing wrong with buying these left and right!
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  6. I did not get a date on the Pre order for the pink one. I will post pictures as soon as it arrives. It is a Dinky 15 so I think it's smaller then the other dinky bag.
  7. DId you preorder from Coach? I was told by my SA that bag is already available to ship in JAX (even though it is not officially launched yet)
    I can't do size 15, so I'm waiting for the regular size dinky in pink tea rose.
  8. Do you know the size of the 15?
  9. Follow the link.

  10. That's tiny, it might be a little to small for me.
  11. It's cute. Small but cute.
  12. I am still wanting these 2, of coarse that's just until I see the new ones. IMG_0456.JPG IMG_0455.JPG
  13. I dont see the appeal.
  14. Most men probably wouldn't.
  15. The pink one is adorable! Would love to see a modeling shot when you receive it. :smile:
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