I have a serious problem with these bags!

  1. I love these bags and I have Dinky 24 in yellow. I want a Rogue now. :smile:
  2. I love tea roses, too! I want more.
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  3. So beautiful. We need to start a Tea Rose Support Group.
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  4. STUNNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I'll be your first member. I don't have any tea rose yet but I know it won't be long LOL
  5. Sarah, you need to add a tea rose rogue!
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  6. I have a feeling it would be a group to enable buying more Tea Rose items, lol.
    Thank you! Tlo, you gotta get on the Tea Rose bandwagon!!
    Hobbsy, that is next on my list! I actually just got through listing some stuff so I can fund one!
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  7. LOL, too late. This whole forum is an enabler.

    It's just amazing to be able to talk to someone else who gets it...who really understands the joy in owning (or some cases dreaming of owning) a beautiful handbag.

    PS: They only made 200 of that pink tea rose Rogue. Hope your stuff sells fast.
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  8. I love these bags but really, REALLY wish they hadn't upped the price of the floral applique saddle bag $100 within THE EXACT SAME SEASON. Really turned me off. :sad: I love the little wristlet, too -- but unless it has a link on both sides so one can attach a cool gunmetal chain for carrying by the shoulder, I won't be getting one.... :sad:
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  9. Wristlet has rinks so u can attach dinky chains!
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  10. Love tea rose! Here are my happy family!
  11. Didn't know this- thank you!!!
  12. Love them!
    Absolutely. So many people think buying bags is frivolous, but everyone has a vice & bags happen to be ours!
    Well I better keep an eye on that bag, I really don't want to miss out. I will stalk it and it will be mine!
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  13. Can you add a chain to the clutch, it looks like you can in the photo from Coach?
  14. IMG_1486833501.265574.jpg

    Yes, there are two small loops inside. Nordstrom is selling a version with the chain already attached, BTW. I have attached my Dinky Chain and the separate chain I bought last year and both fit.

  15. That's what's making me want to get one!