I have a fake hermes?

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  1. I've been a TPF member for just about a year now but just now checking out the hermes forum. Anyway, trying to become more knowledgeable about these bags and was checking out the celebrity pics and realize I have a fake birkin. About 3 years ago I was invitied to one of those partys which was in a store full of fake designer stuff. Now I've always been one to collect various designer items but still ended up purchasing 3 bags that night. This is before I joined this forum and didn't know better! One bag was a fake LV I got for myself. I just recently threw it out as looking at it now it was hideously fake! One bag I picked up as it was near xmas for my mom. She ended up giving it back to me as she only likes shoulder bags. I figured it must be some designer replica but didn't know what one. I just got it because it seemed like the perfect bag for work and was a different color, taupe that you don't see too much. Now that I see pics of hermes bags, I can't belive thats what it was, a FAKE birkin.
  2. Sorry to hear this. Unfortunately many people do not realize that they are getting a fake bag, but get one! It makes you much more aware seeing all threads and posts on tPF.
  3. I'm So Glad You Have Found tPF ~ The Knowledge Here Is Sooo Incredibly Helpful. So Many Don't Know They Are Buying Copies Of Bags. It's Not Fair To The One Who Purchased Them. It Seems Like We Hear A Lot About This.

    Now, You Are Here & Enjoy!!!
  4. So sorry that happened to you! Just glad that you are here now, and we can help you so it never happens again!!!!
  5. I think a lot of people probably just buy something they like and they do not know it is a copy of something.
  6. I think the same happens with 'inspired by' pieces too. I'd been drooling over certain Mulberry, Lanvin, and Ralph Lauren styles then finally i realized the attraction, ...their Birkiness(Birkinosity) was the subliminal lure.:lol:
  7. how much did you pay ? im thinking the price would have been a clue as to if it was a fake
  8. I hope you didn't pay too much for the fakes. That would be just awful. But honestly, I still can't always tell the difference between real and fake. Sometimes it's pretty obvious, but a lot of fakes fool me. For me it's a lot easier to tell LV fakes or Gucci fakes, but not Hermes for some reason.
  9. Yes, I knew it was a fake something when I went in the store. It was all designer replicas (this was about 3 years ago). It was a handbag party I went to for a friend. It was near xmas so I picked up a cute bag for a gift for my mother. She gave it to me and I've used it off and on not knowing what designer it was a replica of. I paid $50. I just thought it was a cute bag. Just getting into hermes forum and realized it was a hermes knockoff. I don't buy fakes anymore since joing TPF but thought it was funny that I finally know what knockoff it was.
  10. ^If you knew they were faked before you got there, why did you buy them? There are so many cute lesser name brands out there.

    I would never buy a fake anything.
  11. That was before I knew better, LOL. Anyway, I think the whole point of the story was missed. I'm not really good at wording things. I just thought it was funny that I've been carrying around a fake hermes all this time, thats all. If it hadn't been for Megs trip to NY and her hermes items I would of never known.
  12. :tup:
  13. Are you also trying to say that a layman would not be able to identify a 'quality' fake Birkin that you have, and that if others didn't know, you would continue to carrry it?
  14. If you had used your bag a lot, I think you would be seeing evidence that it did not have the quality of workmanship or materials that make Hermes bag buyers come back for more. I seriously doubt that a fake could withstand the heavy loads and daily wearings that I've given to a couple of Birkins and still look magnificent.

    I didn't mean to give a lecture :smile: - I'm glad your recognized the difference.
  15. No, not at all.