I Have A Big Cry Coming

  1. My daughter leaves tomorrow after being with me for a 2 1/2 week visit. :sad:

    I've already been bursting into tears without warning. :crybaby:

    True...there were moments when it became really clear that adult children should not live at home.....:nuts: but...

    There is going to be lots more of this.......:crybaby: over the next several days.
  2. ohhhh Leah!!!!!!![​IMG]
  3. Sorry Leah ***Hugs***
  4. Oh wow, having little ones at home I can't imagine how hard it must be to have them grown and leave..... Big hugs for you. I know it must be hard but your should be proud of the independance your daughter has and enjoy each visit. I did get closer to my Mother as I got older, which was strange.
  5. My mom still does this and I'm 42. I always feel so bad, unfortunately we live where my husband's job is. I'm sorry, my heart goes out to you!
  6. Leah my heart goes out to you! We'll all be here for you to help you get through this! Big hugs!
  7. Awww Leah, Your a great Mom and your daughter is lucky to have you.:heart:
  8. AW Pearl! What a fitting smiley, youre going to make Leah cry more!

    Leah you sound like such a loving mom! Dont cry! Were here for you :heart:3
  9. I'm sorry, Leah! Don't feel bad about missing her! My momma and I are 8 hours apart and don't get to see each too often either. Even though we butt heads whenever we have extended visits, we always miss each other terribly and are sad to be apart.
  10. My mother and father are my best friends and they live in FL and I live in NY...My mother always says the umbilibal cord stretches to Fl and that I'm never really w/ out them. Honestly we would have them come live w/ us but the say the have a life of there own.
  11. Oh my gosh, I'm sorry you're feeling down, but that was such a sweet story! I know your daughter feels lucky to have you in her life.
  12. so sorry to hear that but just think how happy you will be when she visits you again
  13. Ohh! My mother is going through the same thing so I can only guess how you must feel. I went to college half an hour away and even then my mother cried when I moved in. I'm moving 3 hrs away to Boston in the fall and she's been crying since...oh February. She is def. my best friend in the world and my dad and I have finally bonded recently.

    There is always cell phones and even phone cams!
  14. well, I am sure that you have raised your daughter well.. just try to spend the best time with her..... I am pretty sure that when you cry, its coz you have that sense of accomplishment...
  15. Feel your pain.

    My son is off to law school (William & Mary in Virginia -- and we are in upstate NY, eight hours away) in two weeks. I am loving having him here for these past couple of weeks but dreading his departure.

    The more you love 'em, the more it hurts when they leave.