I got the LAST Berry bracelet!

  1. This afternoon I went to the new LV boutique inside the Saks in the Prudential Center in Boston to look around - I heard that they had Inclusion bracelets before anyone else in the area... and they did!

    I was told that I bought that last Berry Inclusion bracelet currently available in the country. :yahoo: I want the White as well, so I gave the SA my name and number so he could call me when it's in.

    I also went to the full-sized LV boutique at Copley Place to pick up my Groom Cles I had on hold. I wasn't totally in love with it in person, so I didn't buy it... but now I regret it! I really want to go back tomorrow and pick it up. What should I do?

    Here's my Berry bracelet:



    ...and here's my Inclusion collection :wlae:

  2. Very pretty : )
  3. Gorgeous!!! Love all your bracelets!!!
  4. Wow, it is soooo pretty! Congrats! Why don't you call your SA and tell him that you changed your mind, and see if he still has one available.
  5. wow! what a cute collection!
  6. Very nice :smile:

  7. Yay, congrats on getting the last one, it's so pretty :yes:

    So there'll be no berry inclusion bracelets sold on elux or will they get more in later?
  8. Congrats! You have a lovely collection! :love:
  9. Oh wow - I was at the Copley store this afternoon to pick up my Groom Cles too! If you do want the Groom Cles, you should call them ASAP - my SA told me that they were almost completely sold out of the Groom line (I think she said they only had 3 items left - not sure if that is true, it seemed like they had more than that).

    And pretty bracelet too, I love the color!
  10. Awww I love it! I can't wait for my store to get these things in. I'm going NUTS waiting for them.
  11. Congrats!!!
  12. very very pretty

  13. I think that the SA meant that I got the last one that was available for sale right now, but they'll definitely be getting more in soon. I'm assuming that elux will get them, too! :yes:
  14. LOVE the bracelet!!! I think you should go and pick up the cles while you still can. You'll have two weeks to make up your mind!:idea:
  15. elux is getting them at the end of sept and begg on october.
    so far I have collected the pink PM, pink GM, yellow PM and yellow GM and beige GM and black GM...I have the beige/black/berry/white PM to go and if its avail the berry and white GM....I love these bracelets.