I got a new Coach "speedy"!

  1. I went to the Coach store today to scout for my PCE and saw this bag. My SA said it had just come in and that I could use my PCE today. So I got! I love this style bag. And here she is with my Carly.
    June8 001 150x1602.jpg June8 004 150x160.jpg
  2. Beautiful! I love the brown!!!
  3. oh i love it!! great looking bag!! :love:
  4. Very cool. Congrats!!
  5. Very cute!! I think they look SO much better IRL!!
  6. Congrats!! I have the same one, and I love it!
  7. is it HUGE? i just keep thinking it's gi-normous.
    Can you carry it over your shoulder?

  8. I really love your bag. It is the first piece of signature that I have ever liked. I think I may have to purchase this one. Congrats on your new bag!
  9. I don't think it's huge, especially after carrying my large Carly. I can carry it over my shoulder, it "smooshes" in!
  10. Congrats!
  11. Very adorable! I've never seen that on anyone!
  12. Love it! Congrats!
  13. i love that bag! i was thinking about getting one too, but went with the slim tote instead.

  14. I can carry it over my shoulder, too, although I prefer to just sling it over my elbow or hold the handles.

    I agree that it's not huge looking, but it does hold a ton. Generally I have a thick, medium to large-sized (non-Coach) organizer, a large paperback book (the thickest of all the Harry Potter books right now, just for reference), the big oversized Coach sunglasses case, keys, checkbook and all the other miscellaneous purse-type stuff in there, and there's plenty of room left.

    The only issues I have with it are:

    - It's not the easiest bag to get into. I'm used to totes, where everything can be placed vertically, and in this bag, it's all horizontal and wider at the bottom, so you might have to dig a bit for whatever you happen to be looking for.

    - The edges dent in sometimes. I wish Coach had put piping along the seams to help the bag hold its shape. I also wish it had feet.

    To me, though, these things are minor (although they might not be to someone else). I love my satchel!
  15. I've only seen the blue IRL. I really love the brown. I'll have to ask my SA about it when I go shopping next week.