-:|:- I Finally Bought A Damier Sophie! Now Which Matching Wallet Should I Get? -:|:-

  1. Hey There Everybody!

    After all the whimpering about how bad I wanted a Damier Sophie, I finally got one.

    Now I need a SMALL wallet to fit in it since it is so compact.

    However, the only problem is after the splurge I spent on the Damier Sophie I can only afford a Damier Wallet that is $400 or less.

    I have narrowed it down to the following 4 Damier Wallets:

    Damier Multiple Bill Holder ($375)

    Damier Billfold with 6 Credit Card slots ($285)

    Damier Ludlow ($270)

    Damier Koala Change Purse ($330)

    If you have another wallet in mind besides the ones listed above please post it in a comment but remember that I would like to have it in Damier and it has to be $400 or less.

    THANK YOU in advanced for your comment!
  2. I love the Koala chage purse but it is so tiny, I think the ludlow would be your best bet if you wanna carry a few cards, what about the pomme ludlow? i know it's not on your list, but it looks great with damier.
  3. are they making the ludlow in amarante? that would be my choice.
  4. I never thought about the Pomme Ludlow and how beautiful it would look since the inside of the Damier Sophie is red.

    I think the Pomme Ludlow cost $360. If so, that is right under my budget. :tup:
  5. Yup, they have a Ludlow in Amarante.

    Well ..... thats 1 for a Pomme Ludlow, 1 for Amarante Ludlow so far and 0 for any on my list.
  6. Ludlow would be nice and compact but probably can fit many coins.. The Koala change purse is nice, but keep in mind the hairline scratches that will show up on the clasp after a while..
    Agree with shoo, I'd love something in Vernis.. Amarante would just be :drool:
  7. lol. I said the Koala is adorable, i want it, it is on my list of buys, but if you want a wallet that hold the max for the size, def the pomme ludlow, I have it and love it. Or amarante which is also gorgeous.
  8. I haven't seen the Damier Koala Change Purse in person, therefore, I am not sure how small it actually is.

    However, I do want a wallet that can hold a good amount of Credit Cards as I have PLENTY of those. :p
  9. Just thought I post these up to see which one looks better next to the Damier Sophie.




    It looks like the Amarante matches the OUTSIDE and the Pomme would match the INSIDE.

    *Argh* What to choose!? :confused1:
  10. i think the pomme ludlow would be great. Red looks SO good with damier, and pomme really is TDF!
  11. Does the Pomme have the same fingerprint problem like the Amarante?
  12. Get the Pomme ludlow!!! The red will be a great contrast against the damier. I haven't heard of any fingerprint problems with the pomme so I say go for it :woohoo:
  13. I vote for the pomme ludlow, pomme is such a beautiful colour and will definately look pretty in you sophie.
  14. I'm a big fan of Damier Plat~Change purse. Right now mine has six plastic cards (eg. cc, id), three paper thin cards (eg. pic, ticket) and five bills in it, and it can hold much much more. I persnoally think it holds more than Ludlow. You have to fold the bills though (so as for Ludlow and Koala change purse).

    That being said, I think Pomme Ludlow would look lovely with Sophie too!! I remember reading that Pomme would not show as much fingerprints as Amarante.
  15. pomme!