I emailed Nicole Richie about her fake bags...

  1. I got her email address earlier this week, and today sent a note that said her white and yellow firsts were fake but the others were great and asked whether or not she knew or if someone screwed her over. I wasn't going to do anything with the address, but then today I saw these photos
    and that she no longer had the shoulder strap on her yellow first (the square bales were the obvious tip off.)
    She could quite possibly visit this site, who knows, I just saw opportunity to ask a question I've been wondering and did it. Pretty lame, but hell, maybe we'll get to find out the story behind her fakes.

    I wonder if she'll respond???
    nicole richie2.jpg
  2. That is the funniest thing I have heard all day. Won't even ask how you came to have the e-mail addy..
  3. i absolutely ADORE her! Its too bad she has some fakes, hopefully given to her by a stylist, and maybe she doesnt know.

    Paris Hilton has been photographed lately in a fake LV swimsuit, cant imagine why these girls with money would 'support' the fake bag industry!!!!!!!!11
  4. oh please post her reply if you get one!!!
  5. I think that's cool. If I were using a fake bag and didn't know it, I would not mind someone letting me know.
  6. How neat! I've wondered this, too. Please post her reply if you get one.
  7. Can't wait to see the updates! :nuts:
  8. :nuts:

    I actually really want to know what she would have to say about it too. It'd be cool if she responds. I personally think her ex-stylist gave them to her... cause I saw a pic of Lindsay wearing a yellow first too but I couldn't see the bag well enough to see if it was the same fake one.

    I wonder who the little girl she's with is. Cute.
  9. It really wouldnt surprise me if stars use fakes.

    Just coz they are swimming in money, doesnt mean they want to part with it... ALOT of people with huge anounts of money are really tight with it!!

    As well as this, many stars may not have as much cash as we assume...

    So, it wouldnt surprise me if these fake bags are known to be fake by those who wear them!
  10. How funny. Can't wait to see if she replies
  11. You are such a genious winona!:nuts:
  12. winona, that's hilarious! i really hope she responds. for god sakes, such a fashionista, but carrying fake bags? you are doing her a favor by letting her know. i'm sure she'll appreciate it.
  13. hahaha... funny! let us know if she responds!
  14. If Balenciaga would just reissue the damn yellow...stylists wouldn't have to go out and get a fake one to match those outfits.

    I would be upset if I were given a fake bag. I once read a post where the girl that bought a fake bag from China thought the "leather" looked an awful lot like human skin with hair follicles and crosshatch grain.... nice. You know the prisons aren't going to fund themselves or are they (sorry...that was a little too far).
  15. i doubt she cares honestly. where did you get this email address?